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Using Viral Marketing to Grow Your Internet Business

Albert Einstein once called compound interest the "8th wonder of the world". He was also quoted as saying that "the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest". Obviously, Einstein had a great deal of respect for the power of compounding. Internet Marketing has its own power similar to that of compounding that is commonly referred to as Viral Marketing. Both use the power of time and leverage to create fantastic returns on capital. There are numerous ways to make use of Viral Marketing, and this article looks at how it can greatly benefit you in your marketing efforts.

When I first started marketing on the Internet, I used various methods of free traffic building that did wonders for my hit count but little in the way of sales. The problem with using these types of "traffic solutions" is that everyone under the sun is using the same affiliate links and programs and their effectiveness quickly becomes diluted and virtually worthless. While you could still use these types of programs to make your traffic stats look good, a more effective way to use Viral Marketing is the distribution of free information in the form of reports and e-books that you create.

People love information; especially if it has to do with 'making money'. Your task is simply to provide quality information that is in demand, and allow people to download it for free. And you will not have to look hard for this information because there are literally endless sources of good information to be found on the Internet. For instance, if you do a Google search for 'Free E-books', you'll get hundreds of thousands of links. While most will be in categories that are not appropriate for what you're looking for, it will give you an idea of ​​the type of information that's out there.

Once you have gathered the necessary information for your e-book, you then need to create it. This is where many people stop reading, believing that it's too difficult a process to create your own e-books. The truth is, with the publishing software available today, creating your own e-books is mostly a matter of filling in the blanks. There are numerous sites that can make creating your own best seller a snap. For instance, E-book and E-book are two that have many tools that make the process virtually painless. There are even a few good affiliate sites that will do all of this for you.

There are several reasons why it's much more profitable to create your own e-books, one of them being that you can embed your own links into the report allowing you to advertise numerous sites and offers. The key ingredient that really kicks this process into overload is that you allow your subscribers to also distribute your FREE e-book to others. If done properly, you'll always have thousands of people distributing your e-book with your very own links in it. Are you starting to see the power in using this form of Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is a powerful concept that you should absolutely make a part of your marketing efforts. With the ability of the Internet to quickly spread information to all parts of the world, why not spread a little of your own?

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