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Using Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website

There was a business owner who had developed a product that was going to change the world. He worked for quite some time on product development, conducted studies on product placement, price points and delivery logistics. He determined his target audience and developed the most up-to-date technological website money could buy to sell his product. All he had to do was sit back and watch the business roll in.

He waited for the consumers to stumble upon his website. He waited and waited, every day he checked the website. Hardly anyone was showing any interest in his product. He was having a hard time understanding why people weren’t beating down his door for orders, after all, he had done EVERYTHING he could to market his business.

Then the business owner heard about content marketing and the success that his competitors and other industry leaders were having. He did some research and decided to begin implementing a content marketing strategy using the following techniques.

Start a Blog

He started a blog in which once a week he wrote about the company’s products. He addressed how his products were innovative and making strides in the industry to streamline costs and increase output. He shared the value of the product line through stories and content that demonstrated, that he knew the needs of his consumers and that he had the product that could help solve their issues.

Share on Social Media

He started a Facebook page, creating a forum for people interested in his product. He monitored the page daily and posted content that encouraged discussion and invited questions. He directed the readers back to his website for more information, thus driving more traffic to his site that was then converted to sales. He saw that he was creating a group that had recurring participation by the same people, who were sharing his content to their pages. He was receiving immediate feedback about his products. He addressed concerns head on and adapted practices accordingly to meet the needs of the consumers. He began to expand to other forums and social platforms.

Created an E-Book

He was experiencing great success with his blog and interacting with his consumers, that he decided to create an e-book that he offered for individuals to help them understand the trends and issues facing his industry as a free service; thereby, helping to establish him and his company as a trusted leader in the field, thus building brand loyalty among his customers.

In the end he saw that his new content marketing strategy enabled him to be in tune with his target audience, establish his company as a leader in the field and establish the brand he was looking for that fit his company!

Are you doing everything you can to reach your target audience?

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