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Using Autoresponders With Newsletters and Articles to Increase Your Business

You are starting a consulting business and a potential client scrolls through your website and decides to sign up for your services. She has a pet that just happens to be sitting nearby her prize winning 50 year old bonsai tree and that pet decides to jump down and knock the tree over.

Obviously that client is going to make a dive to save the tree and for you, that means you have just lost that client unless you have an autoresponder set up on your website to get her email address. If you do, that potential client will receive your follow-up emails and will eventually go ahead and sign up for your services after seeing to her bonsai.

Autoresponders are a must have program when starting a consulting business and they do not just help with your email. Here are some strategies that you can use to set up autoresponders to help you make money on the internet by providing informative newsletters and articles to your potential clients.

1. Start a newsletter

With a good autoresponder program you can create a newsletter that follows up with prospective clients. The newsletter can provide more information about your products and services and also be used as a vehicle to demonstrate your expertise in the area that you provide consulting in.

2. Create an affiliate only newsletter

If you have affiliates that promote your products and services, you can create a newsletter to keep them informed of ways to increase their commission. It should include strategies and tactics that they can use to be successful in their efforts to promote your consulting business.

3. Share your articles

Another powerful strategy when starting consulting business is to distribute articles in your area of expertise to build your reputation, drive traffic to your website and make more sales.

By writing articles that provide information of value, many editors (both online and off) will distribute them with a resource box. A resource box describes who you are and describes the products and services you offer. A resource box can also provide a link to your autoresponder address.

For example, suppose you write 50 articles. You can place them into a separate autoresponder account and create a list that includes all the article titles, the address of the autoresponder and a brief article abstract. You then promote the master list. You should also provide guidelines for publishing so that your affiliates can create articles as well, thus giving you more content for your article list.

These are three strategies that you can implement with autoresponders for newsletters and autoresponders. By utilizing these and other strategies an autoresponder can be a powerful tool when starting consulting business.

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