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Top Body Building Exercises – The Squat

In the previous article, we discussed the bench press and the benefits that it can have towards your weight lifting regiment. In this article, we will be talking about how the squat can benefit your body in a much different way than the bench press, yet together provide amazing full body results.

The squat is primarily noted as a leg exercise, but you will quickly learn that it is more of a full body lift than anything. After just one or two heavy sets of squats, it is pretty well known that you will be panting and sweating like a mad man. This is because you put out so much work over the course of the lift, this is in comparison to many other isometric lifts. It is easy to see that you will be putting out more power over the course of a squat than something like a bicep curl.

Some of the benefits of the squat are very well known, such as the unbelievable amount of lean muscle mass that you can add to your legs in a short period of time. I witnessed this first hand, barely able to fit my quadriceps in my “used to be loose” jeans.

Squats, if done in sets of very low repetitions, will drastically increase the size and strength of your legs. You will also start to notice separation between the different muscles in your quadriceps as you progressively train squats more.

Squats are also very well known to help release the hormone, testosterone, after performing the lift. This is because it is such as high volume and intensity lift, your body will generate a lot of testosterone in order to help strengthen and repair the muscles in that area.

Knowing this, we can now assume that it is optimal to have squatting in our program. This increase of testosterone helps rebuild all of the other muscles that you have trained lately and are in the recovery phase. This is why you should be doing some sort of heavy squatting at least two or three times a week.

Lastly, it is very important to have good form when performing the squat. This is because you can easily hurt your back permanently and you will probably be using a very large amount of weight. This is a combination for disaster if you are not sure how to perform the squat.

To perform it correctly, start with the feet shoulder width apart. You should have the bar at the top middle of your back, held in a very wide grip with your hands. You should bend at the knees and waist in order to lower toward the ground. Make sure not to arch the back or to bend it, this is when people are injured. Keep a neutral spine throughout the entire lift.

If performed correctly, the squat will add a very large volume of muscle to your body in a short period of time. If you are having trouble with form, ask a fellow person at the gym for a spot or to watch something specific about your form.

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