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Tips to Send the Perfect Email Marketing

Sending out the perfect bulk email is not really possible but it is important to do everything you can to ensure that your message gets through and has the best impact possible. Making sure your email marketing software allows you to customise the subject line and from line is key to making sure more people read your message.

The From line

Assuming that you have followed anti-spam advice then the recipient will see your email presented on his inbox and will read the From line. This is arguably the most important factor in whether the email is opened or immediately deleted. Most people, and I include myself in this and probably you as well, need reasons to open an email so just making it look unlike spam is not sufficient.

Protection systems often perform a 'reverse look up' to identify the sender and those with a bad reputation or which are unidentifiable are frowned upon. As you will be sending your email marketing only to those who have opted in to receive them, they will be expecting them so it is good practice to show in the From line just who you are.

The Subject line

This should be seen as a free marketing tool. You have just 45 characters to capture the recipient's interest and stop their finger from hitting the delete key.

Words and phrases likely to score highly on a spam filter will probably give a low opening rate as well. So using the word FREE, with or without one or more of the most abused punctuation marks in the English language, "!" S, are to be avoided.

It is excellent practice to personalise the Subject line, directing the email to a specific person and including their title. This indicates to the recipient that they are aware of the source and, of course, is one thing that spammers can not do.

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