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Tips To Create An Effective Professional Resume

As the job market is turning competitive with time, it has become really difficult to get a good job. Employers are often flooded with a large amount of resumes for a single post of job. So, posting an adequate resume is not enough to get a good job. You must create a professional resume to make yourself stand out in the crowd and get into the eyes of the employer.

The following are the key tips that one should keep in his mind while creating a professional resume that will make him stand out in the crowd:

1) Avoid Complicating Things:
A resume does not require any color or graphics to create an impression on the employer. It should be short, crisp and should only include the main sections such as your experience, your skills, education qualification etc that is required by the employer.

2) Avoid Putting Your Contact Information In the Header:
Many resume databases do not fetch the contact information from the header of the resume. So avoid placing the contact information in the header as even if your resume get's selected, the employers will not be able to contact you.

3) Use Standard Formats:
Resumes typically follow a standard format ie (DOC) which is used by most of the employers as well. So stick to these basic formats else it may lead to errors.

4) Templates And Tables Should Be Avoided:
Keeping a standard format and avoiding any particular template makes editing easy for the recruiters also. Recruiters usually require to edit you resume like add a company logo etc before sending it to the client for the final approval.

5) Length Of Resume:
The resume should neither be too long nor too short. It should be of two pages max. Try to make it concise with the key points mentioned appropriately.

6) Do Not Mention Any Irrelevant Or Outdated Work Experience:
This is really important; Never mention any irrelevant work experience that is not related to the job profile that you are applying for, as it may turn out to be an obstacle in acquiring the job even if you are well qualified.

7) Key Facts Should Be Mentioned At The Top:
Employers do not have sufficient time to go through the entire resume of each and every candidate. So, make sure that you mention all the key facts like the relevant work experience or any kind of certification at the top of the resume so that it can catch the attention of the employer at the very first glance.

8) Use Common Fonts With Appropriate Size:
This is really important, as a lot of recruiters still prefer the resume to be in standard font and size ie Times New Roman with a font size of 11 or 12. So, make sure you submit your resume in standard font and size for the convenience Of the employer.

Always remember that resume is the most essential document to get a good job in the industry. If you are facing any difficulty in creating a professional resume, you can always take help of some professionals or online resume building app to create an effective professional resume.

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