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Tips to Becoming a Mobile DJ

Have you are passionate for music and are always the one at parties responsible for keeping the music going? Maybe you've thought of adding it to your daily life, being a mobile DJ for parties, weddings and more, but where do you start?

There are a number of factors you have to take into consideration from gaining experience to buying your own equipment and building up a reputation within the industry to make sure you get a few jobs through the year.

A good place to start is to speak to other disc jockeys in your local area and see if you can aid them on a job or two. This will give you a good insight into the industry and also show you what to expect from transporting all of your equipment, setting up, taking requests, mixing music, packing away and getting paid. It's a good all round experience if you are able to find a disc jockey that will take you under their wing on a few jobs and let you see how they roll.

The next step to becoming a mobile DJ is to buy your own equipment. You are not going to find a company that will just give you equipment and you have to start somewhere. Equipment you will need includes a mixer, turntable, speakers and lighting. You will also want to invest in good quality headphones so you can create great playlists to engage your clients and get everyone up and dancing.

Being a mobile DJ for hire is not for everyone and you need an outgoing personality. Your job is to get everyone enjoying themselves and not just playing song after song, so try at friends parties when you're thrown into the job of playing the music and see if you are comfortable engaging with your audience.

When you're first starting out and before anyone considers your mobile DJ hire service, you will have to do some research. It's advisable to find the top songs from the past fifty years. Once you have a list of all the songs, you will need to download them and get to know them. Of course your job is to get one song to seamlessly turn into another song, so you need to spend hours practicing to get it right.

Once you have everything in place and you have completed a few jobs around your local area, you may want to start looking for entertainment companies that offer mobile DJ hire services. If you can arrange an interview and go and see them, see if they're looking for DJ's and what they expect. While you may not get a job straight away and you may have to complete an audition for the company, if they have one of their regular disc jockeys off sick or unable to make a contract, they may call you in last-minute, this is Your time to shine and prove to them you are a good choice moving forward.

You will want to start small, playing for friends birthday's and events and slowly grow your business as you grow in confidence. You can not expect your first job to be someone's wedding. You have to build yourself up to that point with dedication and hard work.

When you are completely comfortable with your mobile DJ hire company and you feel you are growing in confidence and demand you can start advertising, getting your name out there and securing new jobs to bring in some extra cash each month.

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