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Tips on Home Staging: Making Your Home Look Bigger and Brighter

There are simple ways to making the home appear bigger and brighter without spending a fortune and without causing the occupants to move to something bigger and brighter.


Mirrors bring extra light into the home which will make the home appear bigger than it is. Also, mirrors reflect light which causes instant brightening within the home. Avoid placing too many mirrors within one room. Instead, opt to strategically place mirrors to create an illusion on the eyes making the room appear larger. For example, place a mirror on a wall that faces another room. The reflection from the open room causes the wall from the first to appear much deeper than it actually is.


Positioning furniture at right angles will make a room appear open and larger. Also, this type of arrangement allows for one room to lead into another also causing the effect of a bigger home. Angles establish continuity and flow to the home. Furniture positioned at right angles between two rooms that lead into each other creates the illusion of one larger room or open area.

Lighter Colors with Bursts of Color

Choosing lighter colors in furniture and paint brightens the home and makes it appear larger. Adding bursts of color here and there still allows for color without causing disturbance to the flow.


Keeping the house clutter-free, whether on the floor or on the wall, is one of the best and instantaneous ways to make the house appear brighter and larger than it is. The reason is that clutter breaks up the flow between rooms. The effect of clutter causes a disturbance to the eyes serving to essentially chop up the room into parts. For instance, many people in the process of relocating notice how much larger their home appears when all their things have been packed up.

Busy Patterns

Avoid busy patterns that cause distress to the eyes. Busy patterns will cause a room to appear smaller. Simply removing these items will instantly make the room appear brighter and bigger. Also, in choosing furniture and wall décor, stick to neutral colors that blend and mesh with one another well to increase the flow of the room wall to wall.


Of course lighting causes instant brightening, but it also makes a home appear larger. Light, in essence, opens up each corner of the home reducing contrast and effectually creating greater continuity.

The overall goal to making a home appear bigger and brighter is to open it up by lighting, choosing like neutral colors, strategically placing furniture and a host of other methods. But overall, have fun with the process.

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