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Tips on Designing a Dog Bed

When you make a dog bed for your dog, it can be a fun and a gratifying experience for you and for your dog. A dog bed is a simple design that does not take all that much time to create it and it does not cost a lot either.

Make certain that you have the proper measurements of your dog. To do that, you need to measure your dog while they are lying down on the ground. When measuring make sure you have additional room on every side, to allow for extra comfort. If you have a dog that is average sized, then the measurements should be close to 3.5 feet.

Collect your measurements. You will want to find a washable cloth for the bed, or any fabric that is suitable for a mattress. If you would like to, you could use different colored material for the top part of the bed (many people do prefer to use a color similar to their dog's fur). Other materials that you'll require: batting, a measuring tape, sharp scissors, a sewing machine and straight pins.

Start measuring your material. With the measurements that you took earlier, cut the fabric.

Use a little extra loft-batting, and fold it so that it becomes 4 layers thick. The batting will need to be cut two inches shorter than the rest of the other fabric. The batting should be shorter in all lengths.

Now you have to pin the material to each other in the right side. Put your pins 1.5 inches from the sides to allow room for the seam. Replicate this procedure for each of the sides, and leaving one side open.

Begin Sewing your Dog Bed

Start stitching your cloth together. Go down the line of your pins to create the seams, and stitch the three edges of your fabric you pinned.

Next, you'll need to cut the corners of the fabric. Since the fabric is still inside out, put your scissors on to the corners and create a tiny cut. You should cut close enough to the seams but do not go through them. This cut will make the dog corners look a lot neater.

Once you finish, turn the cloth right side out. Roll up the batting, and place the batting in through the part of the dog bed that is open, then gently roll it out and smooth it out.

The Finishing The Dog Bed

The top and bottom fabric will now need to be rolled under on the edge that is still open of your dog bed. Then you'll need to pin the cloth together. You ought to place the pins close towards the edge as much as possible.

Next, you will need to stitch the material together, and those stitches will must be as close to the edge as you possibly can get. The closer to the edges, the nicer it looks.

To make it appear like it is long-lasting, you ought to back-tack the last stitch created. This will help with the finishing touches, and make your dog bed look like it's well made.

If you follow these guidelines you should have no problems designing your dog bed. If you have to make alternations to suit your own taste, then that is up to you. But, when making your dog bed, it should not cost you too much, since your dog will sooner or later roll around in it and make it feel like it is his.

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