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Tips For Remodeling Safely

Electrical Safety
One of the largest safety hazards of remodeling is electrical components. Cords, live wires, tools, and electrical wiring can all increase the chances of electrocution or fire on a remodeling site. The following tips will help you stay safe while working around electrical components in a remodeling site:

* Use double-insulated power tools where possible. This type of tool, which contains a built-in barrier of protective insulation, is the best protection against electrocution. However, double insulated tools should not be grounded. If you are not working with a double-insulated tool, make sure your power tool is properly grounded.

* Use the shortest extension cord possible. Long extension cords are much more likely to overheat, resulting in a possible fire. In addition, longer cords provide less power for the tool's motor. In the event you are working in a moist area or outside, you should always use a ground fault circuit interrupter.

* Disconnect all appliances before working on them. If you are working on electrical equipment while you remodel, make sure you unplug the equipment beforehand. In addition, wear rubber-soled shoes when doing electrical work.

Work space safety
Part of staying safe on the job is keeping your work site clean and safe. Make sure the lighting is adequate for what you're doing, and do not leave tools and materials lying around for someone to trip on. If you are working with more than one person, be especially careful of them so you do not swing a hammer or board into them.

Make sure any ladders you use are sturdy enough to hold you. If it looks wobbly or questionable, do not risk it. Clean up rubris such as nails and lumber as you go, so you can keep the work site uncluttered.

Personal safety
Always wear the proper protective gear when working on remodeling projects. This can include goggles with side shields to protect the side of the eyes and face from flying nails or other materials, gloves, boots, or helmets if working on serious projects.

Safety around toxic materials
When remodeling you'll inevitably come across some materials that can be harmful when touched or breathed in, such as certain adhesives and varnishes, wood preservatives, and insulation. The workplace should be properly ventilated with open doors and windows or fans, and proper safety equipment should be worn. Make sure you read all the warning and hazard labels on the products, and follow protective steps. Consider wearing a face mask too, to protect from inhaling any particles and harmful airborne materials.

A remodeling site, no matter how big or small, can be a dangerous place. Slips, falls, sharp tools, and chemicals can greatly injure those who are not careful. You can avoid potential safety hazards by taking the proper precautions when it comes to remodeling.

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