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Tips For Planning The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Everyone knows the fact that the wedding event is a very important day in the life of a couple. Some couples invest long months of preparations in order to get the perfect wedding planned down to a T. One of the options a couple has in planning the wedding, is to choose an outdoor location, instead of the traditional ballroom event.

Choosing an outdoor wedding is something that you should think long and hard about. Before opting for an outdoor event, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are we, as a couple, actually connect with the outdoors? If you’re not outdoor people, and you dislike nature, than why should you even consider doing an outdoor event? Don’t do it just because it’s “cool”. Do it only if you really enjoy the outdoor.

2. What kind of guests are you having? If most of your guests are, say, elderly people, or “city slickers”, who are not comfortable outside, than why would you want to make them come to an outdoor event?

After having said that, an outdoor wedding can be a fantastic event, if planned right. Let’s take a look at a few of it’s advantages:

1. You can choose which type of landscape you want in your wedding. You can choose the beach, mountain resorts, parks, the backyard of a friends house…There are many possibilities. Whatever you like the most. These locations can provide a beautiful picture to your wedding.

2. It’s a lot cheaper in many cases. You can rent a location outdoors you will in most cases pay much less than getting an expensive ballroom and a reception room.

3. You can be special and memorable. Most ballroom weddings look the same. You can have a special wedding if you don’t do it the way everyone else does.

And what about the disadvantages of on outdoor wedding?

1. The most obvious disadvantage is the weather. You pick a date in advance and you can’t know for sure how the weather is going to be like in your outdoor wedding. You can minimize the risks by having big fans ready for hot days, as well as preparing a sheltered space in the case of rain.

2. Some people are sensitive or allergic to bugs, direct sunshine, bees and the like. You can deal with that by preparing sun block lotion for anyone who asks for it, by placing fly catchers around the tables etc.

There’s no question that an outdoor wedding can be a great and memorable event. You just need to plan it correctly and make sure you have the right audience.

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