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The Viral Power Of Ebay

Ebay is one of the highest traffic websites on the internet and there are numerous ways to take full advantage of that fact. Many marketers are using eBay to drive tons of highly targeted traffic and customers to their websites, everyday and you can do it too.

Over the last few years, one market has become extremely popular and there has become a larger amount of sellers in this market, tremendously, that market is ebooks. Ebooks have become one of the largest markets on the eBay eBay site and it seems that it is growing by thousands of people each and every day, so this is definitely a market that has a lot of profit potential.

Now, when you go to eBay and search for ebooks, you will find thousands of them being sold for very little prices such as 9 cents or 50 cents and some sellers even sell the mfor just 1 cent, you are probably thinking "how am I Expected to make money from selling 1 cent ebooks? ", Well, the profit potential is all in the backend, you see those ebooks spread through eBay like wildfire and every time they spread to another person, you can gain another chance of profiting on the Backend.

The best way to tap into this market is to write your own ebooks. When you have your own ebooks, you have total control over how they are distributed, you can set a price limit, set restrictions on how it is sold, anything you want but most importantly, you control what is inside the ebook. Every time you write an ebook to sell on eBay you should put links to your own websites inside it and affiliate links too. This way, no matter how your ebook spreads or who is selling it, how they are selling it, where they are selling or anything else it will still have a way for you to profit from it.

Let me give you an example.

You create an ebook about gardening and you put a link to your lead capture page and a few affiliate links to related gardeging products, you then sell it around ten times on ebay, then some of your customers also start selling it on ebay, then theirs Customers start selling it and so on, each time your ebook is sold, you have the chance of gaining email subscribers, affilaite agreements and also have another potential reseller to help you continue the process.

This is the ultimate way to promote any website you want, it grows for you. You put in the work at the beginning and it pays off for you over and over again, for years to come.

Can you see how powerful eBay can be? One ebook can spread like wildfire and can drive tons of website traffic to your website by only a small amount of effort from you. You could even take it a step further and contact eBay ebook sellers to ask them if they would like resell rights to your ebook for free because you want it to spread as fast as possible.

I mentioned earlier that when you create your own ebooks, you have total control on how they are sold, well about 99% control, if you want it to spread extremely fast through eBay then it would be best to simply not have any restrictions at all , Restrictions will cause some sellers to not sell your ebook and in this case, keeping the value of your ebook high is not the goal, it is to get it into the hands of as many readers and sellers as possible to ensure an ever growing distribution Level and backend profiting.

EBay is a powerful website and has a lot of marketing potential, you should be taking advantage of that and profiting from it. Get started soon, the quicker you start, the quicker your ebook spreads.

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