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The Value Of Social Media Experts

If you are reading this post, you are probably very conversant with the advent and massive growth of social media in our World today. There is a serious political revolution going on around the globe due to the power of social media. Social media sites such as face-book, twitter, LinkedIn, etcetera are so powerful that most Fortune 500 companies now have a face-book fan page and broadcast news through twitter. Analysis of multiple surveys conducted by reputable firms showed that most face-book users spend a considerable amount of time updating their status and connecting with friends. "Web 2.0 technologies can help you make a virtual community that keeps your business top of mind for your fans and lets your fans help you engage new prospective customers.

Creating a community-whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Ning or another social networking platform-can help drive traffic to your site. Post "daily updates that add value and information about special events, such as schedule of internet marketing seminars. With Twitter, you can announce the new project you are working on and the progress status, telling your followers what value that project is expected to deliver And when it would be available as a product, and allowing them to tweet to you their suggestion, which if included in the product will be credited to them.

One of the main reasons face-book is a very strong marketing platform is because of the fact that any face-book ad is laser targeted towards very specific audience. While most advertising sites will present the demography of (age, sex, income level) of the target audience, sites such as face book also include such inticate values ​​as the psychographs (behavior, emotion, likes & dislikes).

These kinds of values ​​are very difficult to capture in other marketing platforms, but are built-in for social media marketing. This is why Fortune 500 companies will pay several thousands of dollars to social media experts to help them formulate their strategies.

The good news is that this is still a very young field of opportunity and there are programs that will help you acquire all the necessary skills and tactics to become a social media expert and fair those skills to companies that are willing to pay huge fees in order To avoid being left behind in the forecasted exponential growth expected in just a few months.

There are still very few social media experts today, and they can charge from $ 500 to upwards of $ 5000 depending on the size of the company and the size of their target audience. Becoming a social media expert now will be the right decision at the right time

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