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The Top Rated Seller’s Guide To Selling On eBay: How I Make Over $120,000/Month and How You Can Too

Hello. I am extremely excited to be sharing my knowledge of eBay with everyone because I love what I do and I believe that it’s a great way to make make. You may have seen my auctions on eBay, I sell thousands of small electronics every month and make well over $120,000. It wasn’t easy to start out because I made many mistakes and hard to learn lessons the hard way. That is why I am so happy to help you avoid those mistakes and begin money on eBay faster than I ever could. Think of it as a Top Rate Seller’s guide on making money right from your own home.

First, let me say that it really is possible to make as much as me (or even more) by selling on eBay. Anyone can do it because it does not require a huge start-up investment and you can do it right from home. I have been helping people sell on eBay for the last two years and I enjoy getting all the updates on how well my friends are doing. Now, it’s your turn.

Are you ready to be your own boss? Is it time that you had your own business? You have a chance to be in control of your life, making the decisions and reaping the rewards. It is possible and it starts with knowing the basics.

First, you need to understand the concept of high profit margin. I have heard from many people who started out selling little trinkets and other cheap items on eBay. They did this because they felt safe. The start up cost was small and the potential loss from returns was insignificant. However, after a few months past they realized they made barely any profit. That’s because their profit margin was too small – a few dollars per sale was not enough.

This is why you need to focus on more expensive items, something that will provide you with a profit of at least $50 to $150 per sale. This is also why I decided to only sell small electronics.

Electronics are small in size and will create an outstanding profit margin. They carry a lot of demand, especially for hot new items that are constantly being released throughout the year. This means you will virtually never have inventory that you can’t sell.

This is super important! Having inventory that won’t sell is a huge cut from profit. This is exactly why wholesalers are failing. They invest in an enormous amount of inventory but are then stuck with half of it because it won’t sell. How do wholesalers work? Simple. You purchase inventory that you will put up for sale. Although the cost per item is very low, you are requires to invest a lot of money into a huge amount of stock that you don’t want and can’t sell. Instead, I carefully select all of my goods so that they will be guaranteed to sell immediately.

Some other very important rules to remember when selling on eBay are:

1. What you sell should be small in size. The smaller something is, the cheaper it is to ship. This means you can offer free shipping on all of your items which gives you an enormous advantage over the other sellers.

2. You want to buy your items for as little as possible but, at the same time, be confident in the quality of what you will eventually sell. Many wholesalers use broken or damaged items which they then sell off to you. The lower the cost of your stock, the higher your profit margin is, but you have to make sure what you buy is going to sell.

3. Provide exceptional customer service. You need to keep your customers happy because good reviews are the key to positive exposure. The more exposure you get as a great seller, the more business you will get.

These are just a few basic lessons I learned over the years as I climbed my way up to being a Top Rated Seller. Now, I make over $120,000 and I do it all from the comfort of my own home business. It feels great to be your own boss and to be in control of how much money I make.

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