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The Top 3 Ways to Get Started in Virtual Assistance

Now that you have been introduced to this amazing opportunity, I'm sure you're really excited about all of the possibilities. You can see yourself working diligently from your home office (in your pajamas if you like!), On projects you enjoy, with clients you love and having complete control over your life and schedule. And maybe you've thought, "Yes, I can do this! She did it and I can do it too!" And then sometimes you thought, "But wait … I do not know where to start!"

Not to worry! I told you I was going to teach you how, right! So, today, we are going to talk about the Top 3 Ways to Get Started in Virtual Assistance. Are you ready?

1. Start doing your research!

Dig around the Internet and really educate yourself about what this industry is all about. Here are my favorite resources to get you started:

– AssistU –

– Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce –

– International Virtual Assistants Association –

Read as much as you can and start writing down your questions. ALL of your questions. It's important that you get them answered and make well-informed decisions about how to move forward. No question is too small or insignificant, so do not be shy about asking.

2. Make space in your life.

Who of us does not live a busy life? Certainly not anyone I know! Your business is not going to create itself. Bringing it to life is going to require your time, dedication and hard work. So honestly review your schedule and MAKE time to owe to building your business. We each have 168 hours a week that are gifted to us every Monday. So carve out a portion of that time to owe to you and your future. Even if you start out small, scheduling regular blocks of time to work on your business will keep you progressive and focused. Plus it's a good habit to get into for when you begin working with clients … in the not too distant future!

3. Decide if this opportunity is a good fit for you!

This is THE most important step. You have to make the conscious decision that "I am going to start a Virtual Assistant business. I AM going to be successful!" Making this decision requires you to take a good, hard, long look at yourself. Here are a few self-examination questions to consider:

– Am I willing to take calculated but substantive risks?

– Am I able to set long-term goals? Can I stick to them despite adversity?

– Do I have the support I need from my family and others around me?

– What kind of lifestyle do I REALLY want?

– Am I willing to work hard to create my ideal career?

Be honest with yourself, but do not need to be intimidated by your answers. If the answer to one of these questions is "No", then guess what? You change it! You can work on your mindset, confront your fears and rise to the challenge. It's really easy to stand in your own way, to let fear rule your life and to let others dictate your success. Do not be a victim! Open your mind to new opportunities. Be willing to explore and see what's out there in the world just waiting for you take it. And be willing to improve yourself. If you are a seasoned administrative professional with solid high-level work experience, it's quite likely that you can be a VERY successful VA. Do not forget … I did it and so can you!

Taking these three simple steps will put you on the path towards creating a solid, viable home-based business where you can utilize all of your skills and expertise. One of the keys to success is setting a solid foundation and making sound decisions. So, give yourself every possible advantage by learning from those that have done it best.

I look forward watching you thrive!

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