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The Stripper Poll

80% of all Americans think tax cuts for the rich are good for the middle class.

89% of republicans believe Obama is foreign born.

These two claims are constructed by me and have no claim to reality whatsoever. They are made up, false, and completely irresponsible of me to say. Oh, by the way, I asked 500 people and 56% percent agreed taxes are too high, and those 500 were white, 100k earners, and had 3 kids, 3 cars, and nice pad. So obviously 56% of America thinks taxes are too high. Wow. Unreal. Polls strip down small pools of answers to report the feelings of a gigantic sea of people. How is that possible to be real? It cannot be.

These polls are what Party and Extra-Extra throw at you all day. I know they have science stating polling can predict outcomes. When you control the system, it is easy to forecast the outcome. The choices are only between two sides of Party! What if the playing field was fair and you had twenty options of Party? Hmmm. I think forecasting would be much harder. There are just too many variables to claim to know the heartbeat of a nation when you only ask a few molecules of it how the rest feels. Doesn’t make sense, and if something doesn’t make sense, it probably isn’t true. Thank you Judge Judy. She says lays down that wisdom everyday. Let Judge Judy tell everyone in congress how the horse eats the cabbage and I guarantee they will run away scared half to death and crying for mercy.

These polls, these wonderful indicators of the will of the Joe’s have a profound effect. I ask everyone if they pay attention to polling and they all say, “No. I don’t pay attention to that crap.” Five minutes later they quote three or four polls that illuminate their favorite Party as the good guy/gal. Genius. The power of the head on the tube is intentional, right? Someone on TV said it, so it must be true. We are suckers. I am definitely including myself in that. I get hazy and do the same thing I just spoke of.

Extra-Extra is quite a force. Do not for a minute take the TV box as a simple harmless picture fun thing. The minute you allow the “news” in, oh boy, bring your bib for you are going to be fed quite well.

What if Joe could somehow gather an honest poll, secure, honest, transparent, counting all legal voters? What if then, our elected officials would see those poll numbers and Extra-Extra broadcast those poll numbers on TV and web in real time for the entire world to see? What then? How would that elected official start to act if he/she could see his/her district/state poll numbers on every policy issue that comes up for debate in the house or senate, even presidential policy? How would that agent of Party vote now, knowing the actual desire of all of us Joe’s? Makes you wonder. Would that type of exposure create enough pressure to overcome Lobby and force transparency? What if all 180 million or so legal voters had a way to do such a thing?

The power of Party comes from the Joe’s voting them into office, so it’s all about position, as they say in real estate, location, location, and location. You can’t benefit from Party power if you aren’t elected. If once elected and now you know exactly how you constituents want you to vote and they know you know and you know the whole world knows, are you bold enough and prepared intellectually and honestly to vote against the will of we Joe’s?

You see where I am going with this. I have figured out how we can overcome Machine and make it pay the bill. If we build it, they cannot control it. Now I will reveal the whole process, philosophy, and future of my solution for the betterment of this country and the world. You may think I am crazy, and soon you will realize that you are right.

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