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The Spirit of the Universe and Miracles of Healing

How many look to miracles of healing for answers to their problems? By the same token how many of them look to the Spirit of the Universe rather than the fake gods of religions and governments? The complicated mess of confusion that has soaked the world in alternatives to truth and nature is the wall that stands supreme before them. They cannot penetrate it nor understand how and why it is there in the first place.

That wall was shown to me many times over in visions as the Spirit led me to answers for the many questions asked on a daily basis. Questions such as; is there a God? Or where is heaven and hell? Plus, the big one; why are we here? Add to them another; why do we suffer pain and loss?

Even logic can answer most of them if one has a clear mind to think beyond the brain-washing and impacted social preferences. As to the first of them one has only to look around at the world and the order of things it contains.

Order requires intelligence and the more one looks into the changing seasons; the variety of species; the length of time in which everything has evolved; and the almost unfathomable workings of a microscopic gene; then one can see the mind of something more powerful than man could imagine.

Now replace that force with what man has come up with and you get the answers. Man is a master of deception and the dreams of ancient times have recycled over and again into modern ‘faiths’ with an emphasis on never changing anything.

My reincarnation and memory of being between lives with the Spirit of the Universe, the real Master and Creator, provides knowledge sought after by most. There is no heaven or hell as these are weapons of power – man made power and control.

To make it to heaven you need the brain-washing and fear imposed by threats of damnation and an eternity in hell. Over the centuries artists have painted pictures of the latter as full of evil spirits and horror beyond human endurance. They have also produced depictions of heaven as a mighty exaggeration of the best that man can imagine.

This is reflected in how kings are treated as gods. They live in grandiose palaces with servants attending their every wish. They are pampered and displayed as creatures that mere mortals should never touch. They are given powers over life and death and they represent man-made law and wealth. This is how man’s heaven is meant to look.

To heighten the power people are encouraged to pray to the fake gods for healing from disease, poverty, and everything else suffered in life. They are also encouraged to pray for the dead and priests make a big thing of this by delivering such rituals as the last rites.

The Spirit, however, is ignored by those so caught in this web of deceit that they fail to know how much they are misled. Even the most educated among us are so entrapped.

Not everyone is caught, however, because some have an awareness of the lies and deceit behind religious and government bodies that favour secrecy and mystery to survive. For us there is a spiritual presence within that informs and favours us. Those who listen to this tiny voice will hear it louder as it works to heal and guide us through life.

Miracles of healing are rewards and indicators of truth. Fiction fills us with dirt and the dark clouds of depression and other things that cause disease. Most will know of times when they become aware of this filth. They can see it with their eyes and experience a ‘bad taste’ in their mouths as warning signs.

Those who persist to go against the Spirit of the Universe will suffer the consequences. This is obvious in the way terror and death is crashing down on the followers of false gods and man-made power. That makes it easier to discern how bad religions are and how much the real God is hurting.

When one turns from the evil to accept the good they discard what man has produced and look into the heart of God in a new way. It fills all of the earth and the Universe with its power. It gave man the will to produce the false gods so that only the strong in spirit will react against them and grow into what they are meant to be. When that happens spiritual healing follows and the power within upholds them for all times.

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