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The Simplicity of Networking – Nine Steps to MLM Success

Why are some people successful while others aren’t? I mean we all know people who have made an amazing living out of network marketing. Take a walk around your local shopping mall during any weekday and you will see crowds of men and women who are not at work! They can’t all be shift workers? No, these people have worked out a way of having their cake and eating it too. They have balanced lifestyle with income. If you wander around our local malls you might just see me. I don’t look wealthy, but I am looking at my third luxury trip this year, and am no longer interested in a day job – because I don’t have to!

I have been in the MLM game for 10 years. I will qualify that in saying I made an attempt or two many years ago, but failed miserably. I swore I would never again chance my arm. Then I met this guy who wouldn’t quit. He kept at me and at me, trying everything he could to get me to a presentation. I purchased some products and they worked. My car had a 20% improvement in fuel economy and I thought everyone would want this product. So I took the plunge.

First month I made $15. Pretty pathetic, isn’t it. Many people I know never got past that, but I was no quitter. After all, I never made anything before! I started with market stalls and home meetings and after three months, I received a $400 cheque. I have never received less than that since.

Now, some 10 years later, the first company I joined earns me from $1,800 to $2,500 each an every month.

I added a second network, again starting from scratch. It took a long time to get going and now brings in $1,300 to $2,500 a month in regular income.

Last year, I was persuaded to join yet another company, with a product I see huge potential for, and this is already providing $3,000 to $6,000 a month regular income.

Now if you add this all up, you will see that I already earn more than most ever will in networking and I have done it three times. I actually achieved this with another company but the company failed!

If you are earning more than 6 figures in passive income, you can probably teach me a thing or two, but the rest of you may just learn something from my wisdom.

Here are some lessons learned.

1. You need a very special product. Everyone loves a story. Products that give real results for real people provide great stories to back up scientific evidence, etc. Each company I am involved with has a wonderful exclusive product. For most people, this is vital for success.

2. You need to believe in your product with a passion. What I know is that if you take one of the products I recommend over a period of time, you will feel younger, fitter, and have many of your health challenges disappear. What more can you wish for – something that really works! I am passionate about the product or I won’t promote it.

3. You need a way to find lots of interested people. I started with market stalls talking to hundreds of people to find one or two product users. Out of those who achieved results, one or two were interested in sharing their good fortune with others. Most talk to a few people in their inner circle and run out of steam. Remember, the first cheque was $15! What if I had stopped there and expected everything to roll on? So many quit because they can’t see beyond their nose!

4. You need vision. If you can build an organisation of 1, you can build it to 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000! It happens a layer at a time. It will only happen if your vision is big enough. That means every time someone says “yes” it is one more step to a $10,000 monthly income or whatever your goal is. Those who fail focus on product cost, not receiving more than their monthly spend, losing money on promotions, etc. If you have this attitude, change it or get out of the industry. It is pure poison! Focus on every successful step and train your mind.

5. Every now and then you will find someone who truly wants to change their circumstances. These are people who are willing to go out in the world and do what it takes. They have enough vision not to quit. They have enough desire to ignore the present and build a future. Clue – I am one of those people!

6. You bring in as many product users as you can find and enroll them in your business if possible. When someone puts up their hand for help in contacting others, you work with them until their business really gets going. Just three people helped this way are enough to build your fortune.

7. You invest money, time and resources in your leaders. You encourage them to get Personal Development and business training. You get them to company meetings. The right person will get to a point where they see the big picture and will then operate independently of yourself.

8. You help each of your leaders teach and train 3 of their own. This is leadership development.

9. Do this for one more level and then support your independent team and watch your growth soar!

I did this, and each time it has worked for me, even after 10 years or more.

If you are looking for a new business, are not satisfied with your current gig, or just want to work with someone who is extremely successful in this industry, contact me, and we can see if it can work for both of us. Yes, I am particular who I work with, but I appreciate determination, and if you are, I will work with you.

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