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The Partylite MLM Review

Are you the kind of person who loves being surrounded by beautiful things and wish the same for people you like? Then you’ll surely know of the Partylite MLM business that offers everyone an opportunity to buy lovely aesthetic products and make money by promoting the same. If you’re a Partylite Consultants, you’ll find this review useful to find out more about your business and discover new selling tactics.

More About The Business

It all began in the early 1900’s when a school teacher, Mabel Baker decided to convert her passion for candle making into a business. In just a few years, this venture expended to become a million dollar business. What started with candles soon expanded to include home fragrance products, perfumes and bath products. PartyLite Gifts Inc is a subsidiary formed out of the original candles business and this new company promoted its products through network marketing.

The Working Model

You “earn” your starter kit as a consultant through the proceeds of your starter party, a promotional meeting that’s organized to make people aware of the product and the business. From then on, you’re on your own. You can get potential customers to host parties to get great discounts.

The Advantage

– The business has been around for decades. This definitely is a trustworthy business to take up considering its history.

– This is an attractive business to promote. The products are appealing and most people will be interested in such products.

– There’s a lot of scope for repeat marketing because products such as candles are perishable. This will also give you the opportunity to get your customers to join the business by informing them of the member benefits.

Difficulties Faced By Partylite Consultants

The products may be great, but the selling strategy followed by the consultants is going out of style. For instance, I wouldn’t attend a “party” hosted by a friend even if I were paid for it if I knew there were strings attached. The obligation of having to host or attend a party where we know for sure we’ll be compelled to buy products takes the charm off the products. Even products that we’d have bought definitely lose their appeal when forced on us.


Scentsations – This is another multi-level marketing business that sells scented candles and home d├ęcor products. The candles are sold under the Mia Bella brand and this business is gaining popularity.

Scentsy – Scentsy is another network marketing company that sells flameless perfumed candles. The business offers complete training and support to its distributors. Signing up for this business costs $99.

There are other network marketing companies like Amway and Avon that have been around for years and are known for their bath and body products. Partylite Consultants may find it tough to compete with giants such as these.

Make Your Business Pay

The company doesn’t force targets on its consultants. So there’s not much pressure to achieve sales goals. However, the product and the business have a lot of potential to be developed into a profitable career that can pay your bills and provide for a luxurious lifestyle. To achieve, stop concentrating on a small market segment through parties and meetings. Instead, take your business online and reach out to a larger market.

Use social media marketing tools to make contacts and reach out to interested customers. This is the best way to add fragrance to your business.

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