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The MONSTROUS Business Model For Unbelievable Profits

What is the one business model that can bring you instant cash, and at the same time, build a passive income fountain all at once? In this article, I will explain the business model I use to create explosive profits on the Internet, and how I duplicate it over various niches …

So here goes:

Step # 1: Choose a hot, profitable niche

You can not go wrong with a niche that will never "die". Niches such as weight loss, golf and dating will always be hot. The system I use for finding a niche is by first going to and see which books are in the best sellers list. I will also visit eBay and see which are the hottest selling items. Then I will use a free keyword tool like Wordtracker's free version and see which niche keywords are bringing in a lot of searches every month.

Step # 2: Build your list with an opt-in page

Create an opt-in page just like the one in my resource box in this article. An opt-in page's main goal is to get subscribers to your list, nothing more nothing less! It should have a good headline, attractive bullets and an opt-in form. You'll need an autoresponder to capture subscribers to your list. The best one on the market is definitely Aweber for it's flexibility, deliverability of emails and features. To get your subscribers to opt-in, you need to give something away, which could be a free report or a free newsletter subscription.

Step # 3: Follow-up with your list

Follow-up and communicate with your list by sending them emails. You can send them an ecourse that runs for 7 days to a month, depending on your preference. Offer them relevant products which tie in to your niche. Always remember that you should act as a solution provider!

Step # 4: Duplicate across niches

Start 2, 3 or even 5 opt-in pages in different niches and build different lists! Once your first opt-in page is creating money for you, expand your business by entering other niches.

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