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The Greatest MLM Lead Generation Blunder

Traditional multi level marketing recruiting – in every occasion I have ever seen – touts the warm market as being that list of 100 individuals you know and it becomes your MLM lead generation source. Friends and relatives are to be your MLM prospects and you are encouraged to call them with your new MLM program offer.

Anyone who has ever tried an MLM opportunity has found out for themselves that this really is not your warm marketplace. These are not the MLM prospects you were having they would be. All you gain from pursuing this so called "warm market" is alienating friends and family. If you do manage to sign up a few people from this list of 100 – most likely they are friends who did it out of pity for you and they will not be strong downline recruiters.

In actuality, they may do nothing and expect you to do all of the work recruiting their downline for them. You also take the risk of losing friendships over this approach to building a business. It simply is not worth it and is fundamentally wrong. Your reputation may become tarnished in your community as being the "nut case" who goes around flogging this MLM and that network marketing scheme.

Here is another MLM recruiting challenge you will encounter with this list of 100. A great majority of the people on your list will have been exposed to a multi level marketing opportunity at some point in their life and it was unsuccessful. Quite a few people I know will not even listen to a business opportunity as soon as they "smell" MLM or network marketing. Has your company properly trained you to handle this unfortunate situation? What a shame!

The Internet has changed the way MLM lead generation is done. And although its highly competitive, it creates unlimited possibilities for recruiting people into your business. People not in your circle of influence (list of 100) that can be superstar recruiters.

And for those of you who are non-believers in network marketing opportunities, see if you recognize the names on these quotes ……

"I think network marketing has come of age. It's become undeniable that it's a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people." – Dr. Stephen Covey from an interview in Network Marketing Lifestyle.

"If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work!"
– Donald Trump, Globally renamed property mogul

Believe it or not – your list of 100 people can in fact grow to be your super "HOT" market. But, you need to approach it in the correct way. That means laying off talking to somebody on this list of 100 friends and family until you experience some personal success in your MLM opportunity.

If you contact these people before success you will only add insult to injury. As soon as they ask you how much money you are making? You are a Dead Duck! If you persist with this MLM strategy, you should consider a different career choice. That may be harsh advice, but remember this statistic (95% of inexperienced MLMers fail in their attempt to build a profitable MLM business.) Are you starting to see why?

So what is the answer to MLM lead generation and building a highly successful MLM downline?

There are a few options depending on your situation:

1. If you are in no hurry to generate income, you have a very small or no marketing budget and you have lots of spare time, you can tackle the learning curve on your own.

There are loads of free ebooks on the subject of list building and getting web traffic to your web-site. At some point you will need some ad copy skills, so you can start reading up on that topic as well. You will also need a lead capture or a squeeze page, an auto responder and a web-site set-up properly for search engine optimization. Once you have these tools in place and configured properly you can begin learning about how to promote your squeeze page. The names of the people who opt-in (sign-up) on your squeeze page will become your MLM lead generation source.

Forget about the so-called virtual back office your MLM company has given you! It will be 90% ineffective. You will need to start from scratch and build a proper system.

2. Hire Experts! This will take some significant start-up money as they do not come cheap. You can hire an expert for pretty much everything you need. It will take some time to research and find an expert for each aspect of your lead generation system. Take your time and make sure each of the Internet marketing professionals you hire is really an expert.

3. Find a Company that has a complete turnkey Internet business with a staff of experts in each of the areas you need to develop an autopilot, mlm lead generation system. I'll tell you right now, there are a lot of online companies claiming such a system. Beware! Very few can fulfill the sales copy promises. Complete your due diligence before handing over your hard, earned cash.

Remember, the Internet is no different from real life. "You get what you pay for" still rings true in the land of the web. Whiche path you decide to take, try not to get talked up in the hype, emotion and compelling sales copy. Step back, think, ask the company questions and do your home work. If you are serious about making money online, you need to treat your purchase like you would buy a house or an expensive car.

Please take my advice – stay away from business opportunities under $ 100. They do not include built-in traffic, they do not have well-rounded, step by step processes, and they usually require sponsoring 1,000's of people to make any real money. Lastly, make sure you try to contact your sponsor before you join anything! Ask him or her to call you. If you email, type in a question that an auto-responder could not answer. See how they are to help you. Doing this simple, usually over looked step will give you the ultimate answer to join this company or not. To Your Success!

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