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The FASTEST Way to Make $1000 a Month From Home (No Muss, Fuss, Mess Or Stress!)

Who else wants to make an extra $1000 a month from home? Are you sick and tired of struggling to come up with cash to pay your bills….or even to buy the things you want and deserve? Have you been victimized by this terrible economy and simply need to AUGMENT your income just to make ends meet?

The GOOD news?

There are easy, expeditious and elegant strategies and techniques that CAN make you FAST money from home, and that don’t require GURUS, silly scams or unethical marketing methods, and you CAN start PROVING it to yourself today.

My FAVORITE strategy for making $1000 a month from home without ANY investment at all?

I call this my “crash cash content creation” strategy, and very simply, all you are going to need to make your goal is a KEYBOARD (which I assume you have in front of you right now..:-) and a willingness to work 2-4 hours a day.

Essentially, you are going to write articles, much like the one you are reading right now, and moneteize them by selling outright, or working out a contingency commission fee for them instead.

For example?

This article took me approximately 12 minutes to write. I can comfortably write 4 of these an hour. For an affiliate marketer, or information publisher in the home based income market, or online entrepreneurial niche, or a blogger who teaches OTHER people how to make money from home, an article like this one….is worth REAL money. (anywhere from 5-20 dollars each) In other niches like diet, or dating… or DIVORCE, articles like this are sold for 10, 20 or even 30 dollars a piece, depending on how well you write.

Who BUYS content online?

  • Bloggers
  • Information publishers
  • Article (or BUM) marketers
  • Social media mavens
  • GURUS! (Believe me… they write very little of their own content)
  • Network marketers… and MORE!

4 articles an hour… at even the BARE minimum of 5 bucks a piece, gives you 20 dollars per hour, or anywhere from 40-100 dollars a day working PART time hours only. (obviously this is very conservative… because I’m trying NOT to hype the opportunity!)

Want to make the BIG money?

Instead of creating your content to sell for cash… use it to build your OWN online empire instead…making perpetual push button profits from affiliate sales, your own suite of sites, or services or products and just about any other profitable permutation under the sun! I’ve written WELL over 5000 articles like these to build MY business… and it’s the easiest way to get UNSTOPPABLE traffic for years to come!

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