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The Effects of Social Media

Social media has a great impact on us, and its effects are widespread. We use the internet in some or the other way. There is another world in those gadgets which is not only giving opportunities but making us social on the world stage. It differs on involvement and need.

For me, social media is a great interactive platform as I travel a lot and interact with a lot of people. I have made many friends, have learned a lot from them. This exposure has made me more adjusting, colorful and vibrant. All thanks to social media. It’s a beautiful learning experience.

Companies and Brands are using social media to advertise products, be it a baby product or picturesque advertisement of a travel agency. There is so much of unexplored beauty and thanks to media that they are making us more aware and helping us to explore. Online shopping has bought the market to our homes.

In today’s date, media in the form of television, internet or newspaper, has contributed a lot in spreading the word on global platform. People are more aware and more exposed to new fields and areas. Be it Sanskrit or Yoga the world is keen to learn both. Learning new languages or cuisine, distances are shorter because of media. We have a lot of information to use.

There are many fields positively affected with media out of which one is education. Online teaching and E-classroom are the new development. Education is becoming widespread among all. One can access any book form even remote locations.

Blogging is one of such platform, which help to explore creativity and writing skills. People all over world share, interact and read so much of variety at one stage and at one platform.

Medicine through the internet is another such move due to which rare medicines are available anywhere in the world. Instant transfer of money or online shopping, we are experiencing a new positive change.

It does hold some negative impacts like hacking, cloning and misuse of information but with security and careful use we can overcome it.

Some tips to remember

Be open to exploring, reading and interacting.

When making new friends, don’t over indulge with strangers.

Set your own limits on what to share and with whom.

Access secure webpages.

Media is a global platform, which has crossed boundaries of towns, streets, cities, and countries. We can interact or chat with people having similar taste anywhere on this globe in the irtual world.

So keep exploring and make good use of technology.

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