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The Body By Vi Challenge: Can You Make Money Losing Weight?

Are you a person who wants to lose weight? Do you know people who want to lose weight? Well, how would you like to make some money back every time you or someone you know buys a weight loss product? If you said “yes” to the question about making money back, then you might want to take a closer look at the Body By Vi Challenge from Visalus. Some people call it the “Body by Vi Scam”, but as you’ll see shortly, it’s actually a legitimate way to make money while losing weight.

What is the Body By Vi Challenge?

The Body by Vi Challenge is a 90-day weight-loss program using the nutrition products from Visalus Sciences. The products are formulated by a team of doctors led by Michael D. Seidman, M.D. He is one of the top doctors in the U.S., and is a consultant to all the major sports organizations (NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB) on sports nutrition.

The key element of the Challenge program is the ViSalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake. This is the most optimized nutrition supplement that is available because of its unique mix of ingredients. It is packed with 23 vitamins and minerals, along with special proteins for long-lasting hunger control.

There are a couple of different levels of involvement in the challenge. They have four different kits of shakes and vitamins available, and you pick the one that best fits your 90 day goals. You drink the shakes and take the vitamins in conjunction with a simple fitness program designed to help you accelerate the weight loss. The Challenge has thousands of incredible success stories and people are seeing amazing results.

Why Do People Call It a “Body By Vi Scam”?

When you’re in the Body By Vi Challenge, you have the option to participate in the “refer three get yours free” program. Basically, when you refer three other people to the Challenge, and they participate in it with you, you earn a referral bonus for their involvement and you get your Challenge kit for free! The people you refer can also refer people and make their money back, plus you make residuals on all the involvement of the other people.

You can also take a more active approach to promoting the Challenge in your community and actively recruit people to get involved. Obviously there are more details to the compensation plan than we can address here, but let’s just say it is quite a favorable pay plan for the average person. The big bonus is that every 90 days, the company rewards the top recruiters with chances at winning tropical vacation cruises and BMW’s.

That might be why people label it the “Body By Vi Scam”. They don’t understand that ViSalus is simply a network marketing company that relies on word of mouth to promote their business. They simply reward the people who are willing to open their mouths and talk about it! This gives the average person the opportunity to add a viable income stream to their household.

The Biggest Challenge With Making Money in The Body By Vi Challenge

Some people enroll in the Body By Vi Challenge for the sole purpose of losing weight. Many more are attracted by the “Refer 3” program so they can get their shakes and vitamins for free. You have to realize that you won’t “get rich” by simply referring three people into the Challenge. You really have to become an active recruiter to generate a sizable income in the company.

That’s where most people fail, and end up calling the program a Body By Vi Scam. The lifeblood of success in ViSalus is finding new prospects. You need to work your way through lots and lots of people, looking for others who want to aggressively pursue the business as much as you do. You’ll struggle to do that just through personal relationships and networking.

A great way to generate leads and prospects is to use the internet. Basically, you simply plug your ViSalus opportunity into a personally-branded attraction marketing system in order to generate your own leads. That way, you find people who want to work ViSalus as a business just like you do.

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