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The Biggest Internet Marketing Mistake Ever

It is perhaps the biggest mistake to the newcomer internet marketer. The tendency to focus on trying to make money from the big markets online is rampant amongst beginner online millionaire aspirants. This results in a lot of dismayed newbies, a lot of frustration and eventually a lot of failure. .

I think it goes without saying but just to clarify: Trying to generate a profit in these markets when your competition are EXPERTS at doing what you are still learning how to do is a recipe for disaster.

What I am about to tell you is by no means new advice but I never cease to notice the number of IM’ers failing to heed this advice.

The advice? You have to (if your starting out anyway) focus on a niche market! You have to concentrate on creating monetized sites in markets where your pages have a chance to be found by people through search engines.

Of course there are other ways to get traffic. The other most common form for newbies is to use pay per click campaigns. The problem is that the keywords in these enormous markets are so expensive and hence usually out of reach for the new marketer.

By focusing on a niche market you instantly increase your chances of success ten fold! You will spend less money, get more traffic and be able to hone your skills in a more ‘friendly’ environment. If you start out this way you may be able to gather the expertise to properly compete in the super competitive markets later on down the track!

This principle is effective regardless of the way you plan to monetize your site. For example you will want to apply this idea if you are publishing AdSense sites, promoting affiliate programs or creating your own product.

The only question is “how do I find a niche”? The internet is such an amazing place that new markets are being created every day so unlike the big impenetrable markets there is an endless supply of niches.

We will address this subject in the next article of this series…

Andrew Hansen.

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