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The Best Time to Have Your Live Webinar

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the best time to run your webinars? What time during the day or week is best to run your webinars?

All I can tell you that no time or date is perfect to run your webinars. I still get people attending my webinars when I run them at night, in the afternoon, in the morning, over the weekends, and also early and late week. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when running webinars. Run them at your most convenient time.

If you have a day job or you have other engagements during the week, you can run your webinars on weekends. You can see if more people attend your webinar or if the attendees in your webinar purchase more things by running your webinar on weekdays every once in a while. This also applies to the time of day. You can try running your webinars in the morning if you usually run them in the evening to find out if there will be a difference.

But most importantly, don’t be superstitious. It is very easy to listen to the advice of another person telling you that you can only run a webinar on Friday mornings. But the misgiving of that reasoning is if Friday morning was the best time to run a webinar, wouldn’t everybody run their webinars at a certain time? This would not be possible because that slot of time would be overcrowded and it wouldn’t be the best time to run a webinar anymore.

Another important reason why you should try different times and dates, is to find out what your subscribers prefer. Maybe a lot of people on your list attend your webinars on Monday afternoons, but maybe mine attend more on Friday mornings. Find out what your list prefers and combine this with the best time slot for you. You are an owner of a business and you can therefore schedule your own hours including what time and date your webinar should run.

Be consistent once you know which date, time and the most convenient day of the week to run your live webinar. If you see that you like and your subscribers, like you to run webinars on Mondays at 3:30 PM, continue running your webinars on Mondays at 3:30 PM because your list is already used to this.

The best time to run your webinar is the most convenient day of the week for you and also your list. You must also ensure that you run your live webinar at the best time of day for both you and your subscribers. Nobody can tell you the perfect time to run your live webinar because there is no perfect time. As long as the time and day of the week that you choose is convenient for both you and your subscribers then this is the best time.

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