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The 5 Essential Online Marketing Elements

Running a successful long-term Internet business requires knowledge, precision and vision. Your bottom line depends on your ability to orchestrate all of the different variables that make up your business. This task can be overwhelming, challenging and time-consuming. As an online business owner, it’s absolutely essential that you analyze every aspect of your business to uncover new and profitable niches, maximize profits and reduce overhead, advertising costs and other business related costs.

Most online business owners do not have a viable “business system” that will continue to generate profits month after month despite a down economy. What you need is a “daily method of operation” to produce amazing results. With a proper Internet business system in place, it’s possible to generate a massive and steady monthly income.

It’s no secret that the Internet is currently facilitating the exchange of great wealth. Over the coming years, we will experience firsthand the results of this great paradigm shift. There is a new wave of people, including individuals and small business owners, that are absolutely able to capitalize on this massive online movement. In order for you to be on the “profitable” side of the table, you have to have a professional business system in place. If you are not experienced with online marketing, it’s essential to have a professional Internet business mentor in place that can guide you and help you to avoid major setbacks and pitfalls.

You can shave thousands of dollars from your budget, and possibly many months or years of your time, by following something that’s already been proven. Something that’s already been tested over a long period of time. There are five “Essential Elements” that will make you successful on the Internet no matter what product or service you have to offer. These five essential elements are the lifeblood of your Internet business, and they hold the power to change your life financially… and quickly!

Element One: Leverage

Leverage should be included in everyone’s business system and daily method of operation. Leverage is a method of taking the resources you have at your disposal and putting them into play whereas one plus one does not equal two. One plus one equals MORE THAN TWO. It’s called a synergistic effect. Time, money and people are the 3 main sources of leverage. Great wealth is created through the element of leverage.

Element Two: Funneling System

The ultimate lead funneling system begins with a properly structured capture page. This includes not only the graphics, color coordination, great ad copy and capture boxes for back end sales, but also the on page SEO (including meta data and keywords/key phrases) and the actual “back end structure” of your web pages. The type of media on your web pages, particularly your capture page, also plays a significant role in conversion rate and overall search engine rankings.

Element Three: Back End Sales System

Assuming you have a great website that is properly built both on the surface and behind the scenes, you can expect your conversion rates to be anywhere from 1/2% all the way up to perhaps 25%. Not a lot of people have conversion rates over 25% as far as leads to sales are concerned. So that means at least 75% of the leads you capture through your funneling system will not buy your initial product or service. But what most marketers fail to understand is that these leads will have a tendency to purchase other products and services from you on the “back end.” If you don’t have a back end sales funnel set up, you are potentially losing more money on the “back end” than you are making on the “front end!”

Element Four: Multiple Niche Penetration

The most successful business owners are constantly looking for additional uses for their products and services, as well as experimenting with new niches. A niche is a group of people that share like-minded beliefs or posses other commonalities. There is great wealth buried inside niches, super niches and hyper niches!

Element Five: Automation & Streamlining

Here’s a secret that none of the perceived and/or self-proclaimed online marketing guru’s are sharing with you… they don’t do their own marketing! In fact, 95% of all successful Internet marketers are not doing their own marketing. Some professional Internet marketers might create their own marketing materials, but they surely do not sit around submitting articles, videos and press releases all day. Even for the few who are successful doing their own marketing, they are not doing things manually. But BEWARE!… There is a HUGE difference in the success and failure rate between people who “over-automate” and the very few who use the proper type of automation.

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