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The 3 Biggest Mistakes of Internet Marketer

There are myth about building many mini sites to generate tons and tons of money, rumors like building VRE (Virtual Real Estate) sites to generate enormous incomes.

This is not the end, there are many techniques to generate incomes, such as email marketing, social marketing, forum marketing, traffic exchange, co-registration, search marketing, article marketing … you name it.

Why are there still 90% of new marketer failure and only 10% success? Is the techniques not right? Is all these just a bluff? Nope! it is truly profitable techniques! So What is the reasons to fail? You just will not believe it.

  1. NOT Focus – You must focus on 1 project at a time, not 2 or many, but 1 at a time.
  2. NO Act ion – You must bring it to action, do not wait till the product or the web site or whatever needs to be in place to start, take action now!
  3. NO Tracking – You must track your result , I mean each and every details; Visitor's region, duration, page click through rate, source of visit (Organic / Direct / Refer / Pay Per Click Ads) … Absolutely everything.

YES, this is every Super affiliates' secret to success! No matter how hard working you are, how many books you read, how many seminar you attend, without truly know the "FAT" You will not be success. You might be lucky to accomplish some income once or twice, but the lucky GOD will not always be there. So if you are still wondering around how to be successful, I urge you to use John Reese method:

1. Write down the goal you want to accomplish, I mean every details, like you want to earn $ 10,000 / month, $ 1 mil / month, clear your debt, go vacation, buy new car, buy new house … take your time and write it down, absolutely everything.

2. Now sort all your goals in another piece of paper, prioritize what should be accomplish before others.

3. OK you are half way there, now take a moment to rest your mind, relax and relax till you clear all the goals out. I want you to absolutely empty every emotion: fear, worry, hate, angry, happy …

4. Start working through you list of goals . Your goals are on the paper, so you do not need to worry about losing them, just go start with the first thing on the paper and accomplish it one by one.

With a prepared mindset, you can now focus on jobs on hand. Do not let any other things distract you.

Lastly you should pick up the tracking skill from time to time. The best place to start is Google Analytics; there are many online resources you can find about this powerful web tracking service.

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