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Ten Tips For Mass Email Marketing Success

A bulk email marketing campaign is one of the cheapest ways that a business can use to market their product to new consumers. If done correctly you can make allot of money from email marketing. Here are some easy steps to mass email marketing success.

1. Send out targeted emails: Sending out millions of emails to people who aren’t interested in your product is called spamming. By narrowly targeting your customers you will increase your sales and decrease the chances of spam blocking software, blocking your emails.

2. Allow customers to unsubscribe: By allowing your customers to unsubscribe you increase your credibility, which will translate into better sales.

3. Sell the right stuff: Classically affiliate sales of digital goods do the best. An examples of this would be downloadable e-books. You can join Clickbank and start selling these today.

4. Pick the right Software: Picking the right mass email software is critical to succeeding. The software must be easy to use and generate reports which you can use to improve your campaign. For detailed help on picking the right software click on the link at the bottom of this article.

5. Have a clear call to action: Frequently email marketers create a beautifully designed and written email, but forget to lay out a clear path for the customer. Then the customer doesn’t know which action to take.

6. Capitalize on brand awareness: Every email should clearly display your brand. This is important when it comes to repeat sales and brand loyalty.

7. Put the best first: If you have multiple offerings in an email, put the best one at the top. This decreases the chance that they will stop reading, before getting to the good stuff.

8. Reward customers for doing what you want: Buy X and get a free Y with your purchase. Y can also be a lottery for instance, stand a chance to win a trip to Disney Land.

9. Work your database: Your databases is your greatest asset, put time into growing them and keeping them tidy. For instance remove duplicate emails, dead email addresses and people who have opted out.

10. If at first you don’t succeed try try again: You will most likely have failures, particularly in the beginning. Learn from them and get better at it over time.

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