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Teen Self Esteem – 3 Tips For Teens to Improve Their Self Esteem

The teen years are always a turbulent and confusing time, it is also a time when a persons self esteem can either develop to it’s full potential, or be left behind to wither for the rest of their adult life.

The truth is that whatever path a teenager takes during these next few years can define how they live the rest of their life. But do not worry because i will be giving you some solid advice that will help take you down the right path that leads to self esteem, self confidence and a much happier and fulfilling future.

I’m going to provide 3 common problems in the teen self esteem area that teenagers might experience, and solutions to help you out of them.

Teen Self Esteem – 3 Tips For Teens To Improve Their Self Esteem

1) Appearance (self image) – Teenage years is one of the most pressured times of your life, and no doubt one of these pressures will be to do with your self image. This has a flow on affect to influence your self confidence and self esteem which can affect your studies performance, sociability, etc, and can lead to a vicious cycle. In regards to looks there is always room for improvement, and what you can’t fix you feature.(So if you have crooked teeth, make sure they’re clean. If you have a funny shaped head, make sure you have a great haircut that suits it.) There is a lot of very effective treatment out there for acne which you may consider. The trick to gaining self esteem is that once you have done all you can to better your appearance then that in itself is something to be confident about. You may not be able to have any control about what you have, but you have 100% control about what you do with it and that is all that matters. Also realise that any self esteem issues that you associate to your looks are all in your head, and anyone that has a go at you is usually insecure about themselves, and compensates by putting others down.

2) Parents – Yes, parents may have good intentions for you but these good intentions can be overbearing and may actually hurt your self esteem and lead to lower levels of confidence. Usually the main situation is a parent that overworks their child, hoping for them to get perfect grades and attend college however this is not always best for a teenagers self esteem. Problems can occur when you feel overworked, and over supervised. They should by all means encourage you and make sure you are keeping up but not become the bad guys by pressuring you to the point where it is unhealthy. This will negatively affect your grades, your relationship and result in low self esteem symptoms. If you have an issue with your parents in any area, ask to sit down with them for a moment, and explain your side of the story and the listen to their side. A lot of progress can be made when you can recognise each others situation.

3) Peers – Peers can be a source of joy and a source of constant anxiety, depending on who you talk to. Socially the schoolyard can be a pretty tough place, with unspoken rules and a clear difference between the ‘cool kids’ and the not so cool kids. Confidence and self esteem can be made or broken here and it is important that you do not lose either. Generally for guys it helps if you play on a sporting team as you develop a lot of social status and friends and develop a good image. Girls may benefit from other clubs run within the school, but should realise that other girls can be very manipulative and may not treat them well which is just a fact of life in school and nothing personal about them. On the other they will also encounter some of their closest friends within the school grounds, it is just a case of taking things as they come and not taking things personally.

I hope this article has helped you with your teen self esteem problems and will give you the confidence and self esteem you deserve.

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