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Targeted Email Advertising – 3 Tips For Persuading Your Subscribers to Buy Your Products in a Flash!

Targeted email is one of the best ways to keep in contact with existing customers and encourage repeat business. Unlike many forms of customer communication, email marketing has many advantages. Customers read them at their own convenience so they do not feel rushed and will take the time to review what you are offering. But how do you generate a ton of sales from these emails? Simple steps should be taken prior to sending out any emails to your list to ensure your highest response.

1. Keep it simple. When you create a targeted email do not over burden the customer with details. Show one or two major sale items and have several links posted for “other specials” available on your website.

2. Do a little research before you send out your mailing. Are you selling a lot of one product? Offer a complimentary piece at a sales price in your email. Consumers who bought the first product are encouraged to buy the accompanying equipment. Other customers may be more apt to buy the original item now that additional components are being offered.

3. Keep your promises. If you inform your customers that “they will be the first to know” of any sales or discounts available, make sure they are. Send your emails out to your customers BEFORE the new prices hit the web. By creating a sense of loyalty to your customers, they in turn are loyal to you.

There are several ways that you can generate good sales from targeted email marketing. As your customer base increase, so should the frequency of your mail outs. Constant contact with your customers allows you to keep in touch with the real people in a virtual market.

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