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Supreme Internet Marketing Productivity

Using your time wisely can be much more difficult than you think… So how much time have you dedicated to being productive?

Let me just say that we all know how easy it is to get distracted. This can be a number of things like answering your phone, getting a drink of water or going to the bathroom. Even business related distractions such as checking your email, or cleaning your office, to checking your website stats take time away from you making money.

You must understand even reading something that is revealing secrets to massive money making is not considered to be productive time, even though it is helpful. There are many opportunity seekers who confuse learning with earning- big difference. Don’t get me wrong learning new tactics and strategies are extremely useful and necessary, but they are only PRODUCTIVE when they are actually put into action.

Productive time is time that is used to directly produce income. When you are out there doing the actual work- that my friends is when your time is most constructive. Such activities include marketing products, creating products, and improving them. If you want to step it up another level, you can start creating systems that create products or market them for you.

If you check out major CEO’s, you’ll find that they estimate themselves as getting 28 to 38 minutes a day as actual productive time in. But, CEO’s have many other obligations to attend to. It is considered that 2 hours a day of productive work is the estimated time the average person can get done. Trust me, unless your part machine you will not be able to sit at your computer for hours on end and generate all productive work. You do need some time to revitalize yourself in order to get your peak performance. So the trick is to discipline yourself to stay focused on your work and set some reasonable goals for the day.

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