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Supercharge Your Online Marketing With Pay Per Click

Do you want to really supercharge your online marketing? It is strongly advised that you put pay-per-click advertising at the top of your marketing priorities. Pay-per-click, or sometimes referred to as cost-per-click, lets you place an ad for your product, service, or Web site on the internet related to keywords or key phrases that you choose. You will need to bid for placement of your ad on the search engine results pages. When someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay the price amount that you have bid, whether the customer buys or not.

In this industry there are two main players: Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. You can also find hundreds of other smaller pay-per-click search engines. Let's talk about how all of this works.

How much you bid depends on how popular your keywords or key phrases are; that is, the number of people bidding on your ad and the quality of your ad. The higher you want your site to appear in the search results, the higher price you will need to per click. If your ad is not popular and the quality is poor, your ad placement can fall.

If you want the fastest results in getting exposure online, advertising with Google AdWords is the best way to go. After you submit billing information, your ads start running within minutes. Google is the most popular search engine, especially for online shoppers. When you search in Google, on the right side of the results page will be a list of all the "Sponsored Listings". This is a great way to purchase cost-per-click advertising. Google has an extensive network that includes sites like AOL, CompuServe, Netscape,, AT & T Worldnet, EarthLink, and Excite, all of which you can choose to place your ad.

What you want to do first is to create a Google AdWords ad, then write a description, and choose the keywords or key phrases that pertain to your ad. Then you need to decide the most you will pay per click. If you would like to save money, and who does not, the AdWords Discounter automatically reduces the actual cost per click you pay to the lowest price needed to keep your ad on placement on the results page. There is just a $ 5 activation fee, no monthly minimum. This way, you can keep track of your ad performance by using the reports in your online account Control Center.

The more clicks you get for your ad, the higher the positioning will be on the search results. Of course, if you are not getting many clicks, you will be penalized by having your ad position lowered and your bid price increased.

You will want to sign up with these sites also: Yahoo! Search Marketing, MIVA Marketplace, and Enhance Interactive. These three are the top in terms of traffic volume.

Using a combination of all of these pay-per-click services will be an effective way to get the highest exposure for your ad. You are then on your way to supercharging your online marketing and reaping the rewards in your business.

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