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Successful Email Campaigning – 3 Amazing Secrets of Writing Emails to Build Lists and Boost Sales

Email campaigning is a skill that must be carefully developed in order to achieve any success with list building. You must craft your emails in such a way that they fetch results. This article reveals 3 amazing email-writing secrets guaranteed to boost your sales.

As you know very well, list building doesn’t stop with collecting a number of names and email addresses. The next step is email campaigning or sending your list members valuable email content that establishes you as an expert figure in your niche and helps you sell your products. How do you write an auto responder sequence that can not only build your list further, but also boost your sales?

The secret is to send valuable content, along with occasional free gifts, to your email list. Focus on building a relationship with your list members by answering their questions and providing them with valuable information.

Ideally, your auto responder sequence must comprise emails that welcome, promote your products, and offer valuable content.

Welcome Email

As soon as a visitor signs up for your list, you must instantly send an email of welcome. Your welcome email might contain a confirmation link on which the subscriber has to click in order to confirm his/her subscription. This is the first email that you list member receives from you.

Content Emails

Send your list members a series of emails with only valuable content. Offer free tips or information that they are looking for. A good example for a content email could be an informative article that your list members would greatly appreciate.

Promotional Emails

You must be a bit careful about promotional emails. People hate it when someone tries to drive a sales pitch. However, if you send then an honest product review that includes your opinions about the product, its advantages and disadvantages, and then tell them why you feel they must invest in it, they might consider making a purchase.

Ideally, you must send two or three content emails for each promotional email that you send. If you bombard your list with promotional emails only, they will drop you like a hot potato. So, invest a certain amount of time and energy into your auto responder series to get the best out of it.

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Closing summary: Ideally, your auto responder sequence comprises 3 different types of emails-content, promotional, and welcoming. Make sure that you give your list a lot of valuable content with occasional free gifts in order to gain their trust before actually promoting your products.

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