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Success Secrets of Today's Super Affiliates – My Top Three Tips

These are my top three tips of successful super affiliate marketers. By using these tips, you could save yourself a lot of time, stress and money on your road to becoming a great affiliate. Plus increase your profits almost immediately.

One way to increase your sales is to "STOP" thinking like a marketer.

An ordinary affiliate marketer sees things from a marketers eyes while super affiliates looking through the eyes of their customers, and anticipates the habits and behaviors of their customers. Super affiliates stand in their customers shoes, they become a customer themselves and go from there.

Now-a-days, customers are smarter then ever. They have seen just about every sales pitch their is to see. And ordinary affiliates use the same pitch as a 100 other affiliates promoting the same product. Same old headlines with the same email as everyone else. You need to be creative, be unique. For example: while your competitors are offering cheap low value bonus, make your bonus HUGE. Make your bonus so huge and valuable that even if they do not want the product you are offering, they will buy from you just to get the bonus. In other words, give more to get more sales.

Another super affiliates success secret is the "Follow Through Follow Up" technique.

Ordinary affiliates make their pitch and while they may get a few sales, that's where they stop. While super affiliates make their pitch, make sales and build their list along they way. They do this for two reasons. The first reason is to follow up with those who did not buy through a series of auto responders And the second reason is it's cheaper and easier to sell to customers who have bought from you in the past.

Lets say for example that you use PPC as part of your marketing campaign, you have gotten clicks and made some sales. Would not it be smart to find a way to collect their information first, through a capture page or by offering something of value for free. Once you've got the prospects name and email, you can turn them into a paying customer through follow ups if they do not buy the first time.

Once they become a customer and you have their name and email, you can pitch to them over and over and over. Over time you will be able to decrease your marketing budget because it's free to pitch to the list you have built.

One final tip which may be the most important of the three, super affiliates never quit.

Most people think super affiliates started as super affiliates. But the truth is, they had to put in the work just like everyone else. They were once regular affiliates who wanted more out of there affiliate marketing business then just a few sales a week. They made up in there minds that no matter what they were going to become super affiliates and would not quit no matter what.

Super affiliates you hear about have a "stick-to-it" mindset. No matter what difficulty's they face, they find a way to get past it. They stay "very" organized and follow a to do list which makes it easier to accomplish goals.

Speaking of goals, super affiliates have short and long term goals. They have a vision, in other words they know where they are and where they are going. They set the exact amount of money they want to earn and the date they are going to earn it by. And if they do not reach it by the date they set, they re-adjust and keep moving forward.

By following these 3 tips you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and stress on your road to becoming a super affiliate. You will be able to save money on your marketing by building a list and pitching to the same customers over and over again. Plus, with just these three tips you will be able to increase your profits which is always a good thing.

Of course, these tips are just the beginning. Luckily, there are legitimate tricks and shortcuts that actually work, thanks to the efforts of Super Affiliates who have developed them over many years.

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