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Stop Panic Attacks – 3 Practical Strategies

This article will offer three practical strategies to stop panic attacks when they begin. Remember – there is a moment when "normal" levels of worry and stress begin to escalate to something more acute and dangerous. As you notice this escalation beginning, using one (or more) of these techniques to stop panic attacks may help reduce the anxiety and stress you are experiencing.

Strategy One: Exercise – The key to this strategy is adrenaline. Acute stress, anxiety, fear – these release adrenaline into your body. This flood of adrenaline triggers several responses such as rapid heart rate and the tightening of muscles. These bodily reactions to adrenaline are experienced as a heightening of distress.

Aerobic exercise burns off the adrenaline fast. So when you feel anxiety rising – exercise! Aerobic exercise has to do with increasing heart rate in a controlled and healthy way, and methods include such things as jogging, bike riding, rope jumping and fast-walking.

Strategy Two: Relaxing Music – Most of us have known since childhood the power of music to affect feelings, which in turn affects state of mind. When you sense anxiety (as stress, fear, panic, etc.) building, find your favorite "safe spot" and queue up your favorite relaxing music. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Do whatever you can to create a safe and relaxing environment (candles? Low lighting? Pillows?). Turn the volume to a comfortable listening level. Then settle in, close your eyes, and let yourself relax into the music.

Strategy Three: Sex – Careful with this technique – this is not a good idea for some people. Sex can actually increase stress and anxiety in certain individuals, and if that's true for you then it would be better to use another method until such time as sex no longer causes the very symptoms you're trying to relate.

However, if the thought and experience of sexual performance does not stress you out, it can certainly have the opposite affect! Given that you have a willing partner who is available, sex can be a great way to relax and make you forget what you were getting about. Much like aerobic exercise, sexual activity can burn off excess adrenaline, and in the process treat the rapid heart rate, tightening of the muscles, and other results of adrenaline that lead to distress and anxiety.

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