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Starting an Internet Business

Where to start making money on the Internet?

Are you looking to make money? Do you want to work from home? Are all the online business programs that are available on the Internet confusing you? Will it cost you money to start up?

The Internet as you may well know is becoming the main information highway for the present day. More and more people are buying information, services and products on the Internet every day.

There are two main ways to make money through the Internet, (1) you can create a website selling products/services that you stock and distribute or (2) selling other peoples products/services via a referral that you will then receive a commission for sales and subscriptions.

The first method is usually referred to as an E-commerce business, firstly you will need to produce an e-commerce website with a secured credit card facility to take payments from customers. This type of Internet business is more costly and has a greater risk factor to set up. Due to the fact that you will need e-commerce software with stock control, add to cart facility and email services. You will also need to stock the items that you wish to sell also not forgetting post and packaging expenses to distribute your goods to your customers. The risk for this type of business is higher and will involve more work on your part dealing with orders, corresponding with customers and distributing your products, the start up cost can be relatively high depending on how many products you wish to sell and the level of stock you need to purchase from your suppliers. The day to day running costs can also mount up as there are more services that you need to budget for to maintain an e-commerce website.

The main things you will need to set up an E-commerce website are:

· E-commerce website software.

· Secured Credit Card Facility.

· Shopping Cart.

· E-mail auto responder facility.

· Stock.

· Distribution material.

· Business Bank Account.

The second main method for creating your own business on the Internet is selling other peoples products/services and is more commonly known as Affiliate Marketing. The main advantages for becoming an Affiliate Marketer is the set up costs and general running costs are lower. It is not necessary to have a secured credit card facility provided through a third party or a shopping cart facility as all your sales are referred to another party/company from whom you will be paid a commission for your referral/sale/subscription. To become an Affiliate Marketer is very easy as there are many Affiliate Program Providers that are FREE to join and you then have access to their directories for thousands of products/services that you can promote through your own website.

The main thing you will need to set up an Affiliate website is:

· A website.

How much does it cost to set up your own online business?

All forms of business on the Internet incur start up costs, which can vary depending on what you wish to do on the Internet. There are many websites that claim that you can make lots of money through the Internet and that their system is so easy to use that anyone can make a good living from their products, systems, services etc.

In reality if you wish to start your own business on the Internet you have to read between the lines of most sales pitches, there is no such thing as guaranteed success with any type of business whether it be Internet based or Bricks and Malta (shop).

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