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Start Making Money From A Blog

Blogs are used everyday by people to let the world know what they are up to. Now blogging is becoming even more popular, as people are starting to realize that you can make some good money from your pages. Lets take a look at the possible ways to make some money.

How can you start making money from a blog?

1) AdSense – This is the first place most people turn to when trying to make some money from their blog. AdSense is where you allow Google to place advertisements on your blog, you make money each time someone clicks on the ads. Although this sounds simple, in fact it can be very hard to make AdSense work unless you have an extremely high amount of traffic and huge content sites. I would recommend leaving AdSense alone, unless you are an experienced Webmaster and know how to get high volumes of traffic to your blog.

2) Affiliate marketing – A much easier way to make money from your blog, that does not require such a high volume of traffic to be successful, is to offer other peoples products to your visitors for a commission, this called affiliate marketing. Often you will receive missions of over 50%. To make this work effectively you must only offer products that are related to your blog topic. For example if your blog was about the stock market then you would only offer products that would benefit someone who invest in the stock market. With affiliate marketing the possibilities are endless, as there are thousands upon thousands of industries offering affiliate programs.

These are just two possible ways for you to start making money from a blog. Although you will need to learn about how to market effectively, affiliate marketing offers the best potential for the average blogger to start making money. With the average affiliate commission at $ 20 it's not hard to see why. The potential is so good that you might consider building a blog around a particular industry specifically for associate treaties.

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