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So You Want to Make Money Online, From Home?

This seems to be the latest craze sweeping the Internet. Everyone is reading about how someone has figured out how to make tons of cash online, and for just a small fee they will show you how to do it. First of all, there is no instant online cash to be had. Period. As with anything else in life you have to actually work to earn it. No "secret cash systems", or "Internet wealth secrets". There are not any. The people making money online earned it the old fashioned way … they WORKED for it.

Ads for "wealth systems" have been around for generations. It's all the same gig. Pay some slick talker some cash and he'll reveal his secrets. Heck, there is even a TV commercial out now that claims they will give you the secrets for FREE! Nothing is free, and after reviewing them, the catch. You have to put up a $ 399 Deposit and if you pass their course it is refunded. So, how many pass their course? But then at the start of the pitch they tell you how you make money by getting other people to buy into this system. Sound familiar? If it really is that good, why do I need to sell it to someone else? Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. Just search eBay for making money online and see how many ebooks are listed. Guess what? Most of these people paid someone for the right to sell the book. One author and a ton of resellers. Does not sound like they found the secret does it?

Now, if you REALLY want to make money online, here's how to do it. But it's not quick, glamorous or easy, but it does work. There are several avenues you can use to accomplish this. I will list each one and explain how it works.

Selling On eBay

This is the easiest bar far. Get an eBay seller account. Gather up things you would either sell at a yard sale or donate to some thrift store. Do a search on eBay for those items, and in the search results, click on completed listings. As you cycle through the items, pay attention to which ones sold, and for how much. The higher the selling price, the better job the seller did. You want your listing to be similar to those. Do not copy verbatim, but pay attention to the details of the listing. The better the listing, the better chance you have of selling your item, and at a higher price. Make sure you ship quickly and be responsive to questions. Try to list your item at the lowest possible price. You not only save money on listing fees, but you encourage bidding wars.

EBay Partner Network

Now if selling on eBay does not seem particularly interesting to you, or you feel it is too much work, then think about being an affiliate. One particular piece of software that makes it easy to do this is BANS, or Build A Niche Site. This software allows you to build a web store using nothing but eBay listings. However, you must have an ePN account. Now, just because you build the site does not mean you will make money with it. You have to promote your site. You have to make sure you have your keywords and descriptions in place, as well as your title. You will need to add content pages to your site as Google and other search engines do not particularly like affiliate only web sites. But never fear, the BANS forum has all the help and advice you will need to get you on the right path. It is a lot of work, but well worth the effort if you do it right.


Here is another selling site that can get you rolling pretty quickly. Unlike eBay, eCrater is a FREE web store site. You can join for free and start listing items for sale on it. There is even a Google base store connector for it, and yes it does work. But, as with any selling site you need to find your niche. Just throwing items up for sale is not going to get you sales. People are searching worldwide for items, and you want to stand out from the masses. ECrater also makes use of Google checkout. It is much cheaper to use than paypal!

What is a Niche?

A niche is any subcategory of a mainline product. As an example, let's say you're into sports and leisure. That would be the main category. A niche would be skateboarding or rollerblading . Or maybe you are into Jewelry. A niche would be handmade jewelry . There are a ton of niches out there, and just as many buyers for them as well. The more obscure the niche, the better you are likely to do.

While this is by no means an in depth analysis or guide to making money online, it is intended to get you thinking about ways to do it. Yes there are a lot of people making six figures online. But they did not find some "secret" wealth building way of making money. If you are going to pay for something, buy a book on the subjects listed above but do not buy an eBook. Go to a bookstore and get a published one. If you buy an eBook, you are likely to get the same old content that has been passed around eBay for years.

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