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Showing Your Chickens at the Fair – 5 Tips For Getting Started

Google “showing chickens at the fair” and that’s the number of matches you’ll find, give or take a few hundred thousand.

So, how do you get started?

Here’s how you can get the ball rolling:

• Plan ahead. First, learn the location of your fairgrounds. If you’ve lived in the same area for awhile you probably already know this, but you’ll want to take the trip into consideration from the perspective of your chickens and consider the stress factor.

• Acquire the Premium Book, which gives you information about requirements, such as whether the show will be sanctioned by the American Poultry Association. If it is, that means your entries will be judged according to the American Standard of Perfection in the United States, or the equivalent book in other countries. The Premium Book is usually available at your local feed store. If they don’t have one available, they will have contact information to help you get it.

• Decide which of your chickens you’re going to show, according to whether they match the breed characteristics listed in the Standard.

• Fill out the information requested in the Premium Book and send it in ASAP… just in case the aforementioned search results may translate into a shortage of space. You’ll receive confirmation from the Poultry Department staff of the fair.

• Begin the process of “fitting”, or preparing your chickens for the judging several weeks ahead of the fair date. 4-H clubs and fairs commonly use the term “fitting and showing” for all agricultural animal exhibitions.

There you have it. Next, you’ll need to take the time to tame your chickens so they’ll get used to being handled by the judge, ensure they’re in topnotch health, and groom them for winning a trophy or ribbon. You’ll find that showing your chickens is a fun activity for the whole family. Learn more and feel free to take advantage of the free report on fitting and showing chickens at

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