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SEVEN Tips On Links In Email Messages

Every webmaster sends email to their clients or subscribers of their ezine or any other lists. Most of the times we come across many links that won’t work or some fishy nature.

People are very reluctant to click the email links as more and more spam coming in to their inboxes.

Here are few tips on keeping your links in out going email.

1. Use short urls:

Long urls break-up in to two or three lines and reader clicks on it to see 404 error page. Most of the people don’t bother to copy and paste all parts of the broken url in to the browser and go to the link. There goes your prospect…

2. Redirect affiliate links:

Instead of keeping affiliate links, use a redirection. After sometime there will be more redirect links to manage. So tracking script makes it easy to manage links in one place.

3. Land the reader on the destined page:

If you are advertising about your product, don’t make them go to home page or some article etc. Let them land on the page you want them to go. This way they don’t have to look where to go next…

4. NEVER obfuscate the links:

Tell the reader where the link takes them. Whether it is an affiliate link or your product. Keep an understandable tag describing the link. So reader knows what they can expect if they click the link.

5. Check and test the links:

ALWAYS click on the link or copy the link the browser and paste it in the email. So to make sure, it will work. No use to send the reader to a 404 page. Right?

6. Track the clicks:

Use a tracking software to count the clicks. This way you can know which ad or which campaign is getting more response.

7. Not too many links:

Webmasters have temptation to keep links of all products or list of ads. But certainly avoid this. Don’t confuse reader with too many links to check. Just 2 – 3 links in each emails. Of course this rule doesn’t apply to free resources if you are giving some.

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