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Secrets of Internet Marketing – List Building

One of the first and most important things you need to do to establish your Internet marketing business is to build a list of subscribers. Your list is how you keep in touch with the visitors to your web site. It is almost impossible to bring a visitor to a sales page and expect them to buy. Your list is your ultimate tool for nurturing a relationship with your potential customers. Your list is literally the key to your income. The bigger your list is the bigger your potential income.

If your subscriber list is large it gives you the opportunity for repeat sales to the same customer. When you have a new product you don’t have to start from the beginning you already have a list of customers who you have established a bond of trust with and who will be ready to consider buying any product that you are endorsing.

A large subscriber list presents you with an almost limitless list of opportunities. A large subscriber list will give you a far greater chance of success in attracting joint-venture partners.

So how do you build your latest? The surest way to attract new subscribers is to offer them something of value. This is where “content is king”. When you attract a visitor to your web site the first thing they should encounter is your squeeze page or your opt-in page. On your squeeze page prominently display your sign in form several times. Never try to sell on your squeeze page, instead offer a free gift, a subscription to a newsletter or something of value that will give your visitor and incentive to sign up.

Use your creativity and your imagination to get customers to opt in to your list. In most cases when you have a customer on your list you have a customer for life.

Try to find new ways to promote your mailing list. Put a signature at the bottom of every e-mail you send linking to your opt in page. Use your creativity and try to come up with ways that are unique to you. Take a look around the net and see what other people are doing to attract visitors. It is impossible to overstress the importance of this. I have actually set up a domain and an entire web site just for my opt in list.

It is impossible to overstress how important he is that you deliver what you promise on your opt in page. Don’t offer a weekly or monthly newsletter if you are not prepared to deliver on time. If you offer a free gift make sure it is something of true value to your subscriber. This is the all-important first contact with your customer and this is where you begin to nurture your relationship with them.

What your customer has signed up they should receive a thank you page welcoming them to you your web site and giving them a link to what ever you were offering on your opt in page. Many people look at the thank you page as a good place to begin the sales process. In my mind that this is just a little bit early. Its better that they receive your free offer and don’t feel like you are hard selling them.

Once they are signed up and have received the thank you page I start by sending an email once a day for the first week of their subscription and on this e-mail I usually offer another free gift or link to a free video.

The free video is an excellent place to start your marketing process. Provided your visitor with a series of videos or an e-book that teaches them some needed skill. As a part of the video or e-book demonstrate the use of tools needed to acquire the skill that can only be obtained from you. You never need to try to sell your customer on anything if you can demonstrate to them the value of your product and makes them want what you have to offer. Show them why they need what you are selling but do it subtly so that they do not feel like they are being subjected to a sales pitch.

Treat the customers on your list as the very important people they are. Build a relationship of trust with them and when they trust you they will be ready to take your recommendations when you endorse a new product.

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