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Second Date Tips – For Men

On my article about first dates, I recommended that the first date is a test of sorts. Go get coffee for 15 minutes and screen her. If she's cool, plan a second, full blown date and have some real fun.

However, chances are you did not read that article and so these second date tips have to reflect that.

These second date tips are going to half assume that you've already taken her to a movie or out to dinner or whatever. If that went well and she's actually wanting to go out with you again, perfect.

You can still screw up however so let me double check a few things with these second date tips before you go ahead with this:

You're Not Paying For Everything – Dude, you'd better not be paying for her. If you want to have her personal bank, fine. I thought you wanted to be her lover. You do not buy attraction, you create it. Showing her that you believe your status is just as much – if not more – than hers, is very attractive. If she wanted to buy you something, hell yeah, why not! Tell her to buy you a drink. It'll be different.

You're Not Assuming You're In A Relationship – Do not assume you're in a relationship with her just because you're on a date with her. You should be interacting with her like you're her best friend – her best best friend. Now these second date tips are not suggesting you dress up in drag and talk about girl mags here. Do not let her get away with flaky behavior. Call her up on it. Make fun of other people (in a funny way, not in a mean way). Basically, interact with her like you've known her forever and she'll feel incredibly comfortable with you.

Send Mixed Signals – Tell her that you think she'll make a great friend. Then kiss her. Hold her hand for a little while. Then pull away and accuse her of being too forward when she tries to take your hand. I know this makes NO sense to you, but it's magnetic to women. They love to figure out this stuff and if they can not predict you and read you, they'll be fascinated by you.

Be Sexually Comfortable – If she kisses you, do not turn into a fool. Do not go over the top either. Finish the kiss and tell her she's being too forward. Kiss her later on when you feel like it. Again, if she asks you to kiss her, tell her "Maybe I'll kiss you later on, if I feel like it." The hotter the woman, the better this stuff works.

Remember, if you do kiss her, only give her a little and hold back so that she's anticipating and desiring it the whole night.

By the way, if these second date tips sound bizarre and alien to you, chances are you're a "nice guy" who's trying to attract a new mother instead of a new lover.

Women do not make sense to us men, and what we think SHOULD work usually does not. None of these second date tips make any logical sense to me, but I do this out in the field and it works.

If your nice guy approach is working for you, great, but if not then you really want to check out some of my other material.

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