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Seasonal Content Marketing As an Essential Annual Marketing Plan Feature

End of the year often sees marketers encountering customers who are filled with festive joy and thus, they alter their content to address this changed mindset. This is known as seasonal marketing, even if companies are offering the same content and products in a whole new packaging.

Seasonal Marketing is the kind of marketing strategy that marketers adapt to, as per seasonal changes such as festivals, seasons etc. Marketers often align their marketing strategy to capitalize on their intrinsic interest, thus trying to be competitive with timely events. Here are some tips to tapping into consumer’s holiday mindset and get the best out of seasonal marketing.

  • Getting the seasonal marketing right is all about timing. One needs to throw the right content at the right audience at the right time. One needs to start early to stand out of the crowd even before your competitive gets in the race. This way one can reach the target audience early.
  • Another way to optimize on seasonal marketing is to promote the content often and not just on one specific festive day. This ensures that the consumers see the content in holiday months too.
  • Consistency is the key. If your consumers expect something from you in the festive season, deliver it to them.
  • You do not necessarily have to reinvent your content or products or the seasonal marketing. The best way is to recycle your best performing content and present them as new or even refurbished. Through roundups, you can bring new life to old content. Offering the same content in a different visual format is a great way to earn new shares. If any blog post did well previously, try producing a podcast on it. Share your high performing content through third party influencers. This way you tend to reach a larger and reliable audience base. You can even try redesigning your logo for the seasonal marketing. Google Doodle is an exciting way to redesign your logos for important events.
  • Holidays impact the way consumers interact with search engines. For example, Christmas might involve keywords such as Christmas sale or deal as the highest searched keywords. Therefore, planning your keywords effectively for the festive season is the best way to capitalize on the marketing strategy. Google trend is a great place to identify keywords that are seemingly popular for the festive season.
  • Look for options beyond traditional marketing channels. Social media platforms are a powerful way to engage with a larger audience base. If you are using hashtags, you can anticipate great engagement from your customers. Campaigns with hashtags do well. Since mobile apps are high on usage, around 55% of holiday searches happen on mobiles. Make your content mobile friendly.

It can be concluded by saying that seasonal content should be included in your annual marketing plan rather than just inventing them for festive months. Consumers respond best to brands in the festive season, especially if you reach out to them in a meaningful way. A perfect combination of content and timing is what you need to drive engagement to your brand.

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