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Seal and Slay

Weeping Messengers

They protected and cared for the people but they were scorned and ignored, reported the messengers daily to their Commander. Often, their eyes were filled with tears as they complained to their leader about their disappointment in the people. Yet, they found joy in those who accepted and appreciated their work. The Commander ordered his messengers to place a seal in the foreheads of those who accepted their work and to slay those who had returned it, and to release the four winds. Then, a cry went out for mercy saying 'My blood! My blood! My blood and the messengers were commanded to hold back the winds of strife and to let them go slowly.

Why did not they Care?

They were too busy doing their own things, such as having a good time, staying in their comfort zones, getting power and fame at any cost while ignoring the pain and sufferings of others. They care not for the hungry, the orphans, the bereaved, the sick, and those without shelter. They did as they pleased and had pleasure in doing so! Now, they are angry because the wheel has turned and realizing this felt that their lives had been wasted but too late now to change.

Innocent picked on!

Because the lifestyle of the care free people had been interrupted by judgment, they turned their anger on those who had lived an unselfish life. Then they decided to rid themselves of those good people because by so doing they would stop the judiciary falling but they were mistaken.

Rejection, Plea, and Agony

Those who professed their goodness were rejected by the messenger's Commander, but could not understand the reasons for there rejection. This rejection meant that they were not allowed to enter the golden city, although they did good works. The Commander then explained that although they did good works, yet they did not do or stop his orders. For example, they kindly revised his true Sabbath (Saturday), although they knew that the true Sabbath was his holy day. So they wept and wept, but their plea was in vain because the sealing time was over and the Commander's seal was not in their foreheads. Also, they were told that when they were weighed in the balance that they were found wanting. And when they looked on their garments they also saw written 'Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting'.

Vengeance and Wrath

The Commander (Jesus) removed his robe of mercy and put on his robe of vengeance. The messengers (angels) are asked by Jesus to destroy the hypocrites, then those who had no interest in others but themselves. Jesus' wrath against the rebels was intense; Especially on those who pretended to be his followers and the howling and agonising cries of both hypocrites and unbelievers were wasted, because God's mercy was no longer available to them, and those who had the seal of God in their foreheads were those who walked with God .

What will You Do on that Day?

Will you be among those who will cry out for mercy when it's too late or will you be among those who have the seal of God in their foreheads? Think! Think! Think! And accept God's mercy today. Why wait until Jesus removes his robe of mercy in order to hear the sad words' Too late! Too late? ' Cry out to Him now and He will help you change your ways and do not delay.

What is Jesus Doing Now!

At present He is pleading to his Father for you and me and while he continues to do so we have hope in escaping His wrath by changing our ways. But we have a problem, that is, we have no idea of ​​the day, month or year in which Jesus will remove his robe of mercy. Could it be today, tomorrow, next month, next year or later? All we know is what we are told, that is, when we shall see certain signs occurring in our world such as farming, earthquakes, and disasters we know that the time of mercy is almost over. And these Bible signs are occurring in our world today, which means that no one knows whether they have or have not the seal of God in their foreheads; Or wherever they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting!

Our Best Security

While we have the light let us walk in the light because the night of vengeance and wrath is about to pour upon the world, so let us take Shelter in the city of our God who is the creator of heaven and earth! Today if you hear His voice do not harden your heart, say not tomorrow because tomorrow might be too late!

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