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Sales Letter Sample – 5 Samples of Persuasive Sales Letter Elements

I am about to share with you a sample of a sales letter and many of the elements used to “hook” the readers. These samples are going to teach you the exact things used to grab the readers attention and keep them reading, and ultimately compel them to buy the product.

These sales letter samples will help you write sales letters of your own. Additionally, these samples will help me explain these important concepts better.

1. Use a Pre-Headline.

Using a pre-headline will make sure that the reader knows that the following material will be relevant to them. It qualifies the reader and they will know for sure that they are in the right place. A sample that does this very well: “Do you want a huge online income that grows every time you send a simple email? Then let me show you…”

2. Make sure you have a good hook in your headline.

The main purpose of the headline is to completely grab the attention of the reader and get them to start reading the sales letter. Here is a sample headline: “How I Built A GIGANTIC List Of Starving Subscribers And Generate Massive Autopilot Income Every Month…And How You Can Do It Too!”

This headline is focused on the biggest benefit of the product, which is autopilot income every month. Who would not want that? However, it does not have to be the largest benefit. But it does have to grab their attention and keep them reading on. Notice how the headline ends with “And How You Can Too!” You will get the solution if you keep reading.

3. Powerful Opening Paragraphs.

The first few paragraphs are vital to the success of the sales letter because it is in those beginning paragraphs that the reader will decide whether or not to give you their full attention. In these paragraphs, I like to ask a few, “Have you ever…” questions.

Here are some samples:

“Have you ever wondered how they do it?” “Have you ever found yourself so completely frustrated that…?” “Have you ever felt like you just wanted more out of your life?”

These questions engage the reader. Of course, they answer yes in their minds and they need to figure out the solution. You can then say:

“If you answered yes to any of those questions, then pay very close attention to what I am going to tell you…”

4. Story in the Subheadline.

The following section should start with a subheadline and you should have subheadlines throughout the sales letter. The purpose of these subheadlines is to convey the message even if the reader skims the sales letter. This is because many readers do simply skim the sales letter. Done correctly, the sales letter should be convincing even for the skimmer.

Here are some sample subheadlines:

“I Could Make Tons Of Money Too If I Had A Big List!” “Most People Teaching List Building Have Absolutely No Idea About What They’re Doing” “I Built A List Most People Can’t Even Imagine…And I Can Show YOU How To Do It Too”

Each one of these are designed to lure the reader in so that they want to read that section.

5. Bullet Points Build Value and Desire.

Bullet points are very important because they sum up the specific benefits of the offer. Each bullet highlights something specific about the offering.

Here are some samples of bullets:

-How to build your own massive list quickly…

-The easiest way to keep your list packed full of hyper-responsive buyers…

-Simple techniques for writing emails that program your subscribers to take your call to action…

Bullets are also critically important to skimmers. I know that I always check out the bullets to see what a product is going to do for me. You want to make sure that there is a bullet point for each feature and that it makes the feature compelling.

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