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Review of Donna Fox in the Internet Marketing World

Donna Fox is a mentor for many 'work at home' people and online business professionals. She has mentored a lot of people who are making a successful living through online businesses and continues to do so. She is perhaps best known for her efforts in coaching the promoters of the 'Butterfly Marketing Program'.

Donna Fox has her beginnings in humble circumstances and worked as a clerk while studying in her first semester of law school. She saved pennies in a savings jar from her daily allowances and incomes and bought her first piece of real estate before she graduated first year of law school. She managed to achieve this great feat despite the fact that she had no real income, job, or even a prospect of a job. Today Fox lives in her own condo in Chicago which she managed to buy with change she saved up from her daily purchases.

While working as a clerk during her first semester Fox was filling in forms for her boss, a lawyer, and then realized that 'incorporation' naturally meant putting together a whole list of documents, she then decided to put her knowledge to use building great business opportunities for people wanting to earn money online and offline.

Donna Fox has done just that. She has helped incorporate many hundred of businesses and helped online business men and women formulate internet marketing strategies that have grown to great heights. Some of these are Fortune 500 companies today. Fox says that there are so many loop holes in the law that competitors could take advantage of and close a legitimate business opportunity down in no time at all. Her knowledge helps incorporate these same businesses in a way that the law can not close down. Many of these businesses have helped hundreds of thousands of people make money online through work at home business opportunities, and perfect internet marketing strategies.

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