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Quit Your Job And Get Wealthy

Sounds crazy? Well, this could be the best advice that you can get ever get, if you are in a job situation. You must be saying, “This job is what helps me meet my expenses, run my family and bring food to the table. Why would I want to do a crazy thing like quitting my job?”

Well, quitting your job is not a bad idea at all. In fact, the single road block on your path to success, riches and wealth might be your job! Now before you jump to conclusions about the sanity of that advice, let’s get some things straight here. Whichever rung you are right now on the corporate ladder and whatever level you hope to rise to in the future, your salary is not going to make you wealthy enough to realize all of your dreams.

Wealth doesn’t come from working for a salary. The principle of wealth states that the work that you do once should keep bringing you income constantly. The work that you do and the income that it brings should never be on a 1:1 ratio. But this very principle is totally contradictory to salaried jobs. When it comes to a job, you get paid for the work that you do. One week’s work gets you one week’s pay. One month’s work gets you one month’s pay. No work gets you no pay. Very simple.

But in the business realm, the rules are very different. From the work that you do once, you can hope to get paid for a long time to come. Let’s see an example. If someone writes a book and manages to get it published, then that single piece of work is going to bring them royalty every time a book gets sold. The income is not proportional to the work done here. The author might have spent four or five months writing his book, but the money that he gets paid for his work can sometimes keep pouring in for decades. That is the beauty of being outside of the job realm.

That’s just one example. In fact, in the business realm, there are so many ways in which you can earn a constant stream of income for the work that you do just once. And since you need to do the work only once, you have more free time at your disposal which you can then use constructively to do some other work, which in turn would start another stream of constant income.

If that’s true, why wouldn’t everyone dump their job and start a business? There are a few reasons for people adamantly sticking to their jobs even when they know it won’t get them far. Robert Kiyosaki, in his book “The Cash Flow Quadrant” explains that people have four different mindsets when it comes to earning money. You have the salaried person, the professional, the businessman and the investor. The first type does a job to earn his income; the second independently practices his skills to earn his income; the third runs a business to earn money; and the fourth uses his money to earn more money.

Remember these are four different mindsets, and people in each group stick with their respective thought patterns regardless of the advantages or disadvantages of their particular mindset. It is extremely difficult to drag a person from one mode of earning money to another mode basically because it requires a totally different mindset. For example, it would be an uphill task trying to convince a person to quit his job and start a business (which in fact is what I am doing here right now). And if you are hesitating to even think about it, that proves my point right away. Changing one’s mode of earning their income is almost like changing their religion; it becomes an emotional struggle. They begin to wonder whether everything they had believed so far about financial matters was wrong, and that makes them feel very uneasy. When the foundations are shaken, it is not a very pleasant experience. So now you understand why people resist change. They would rather stick to a faulty system and pay the price for it than start afresh and reap its benefits.

Unfortunately, this very attitude keeps people in bondage and slavery to their job, their boss (however mean he might be), their circumstances and their mediocre lifestyle. They would rather grit their teeth and go through a life that is familiar to them than venture into something that is alien to their mode of thinking, even if it promises freedom from their drudgery.

As we all know, a couple of hundred years back, slavery was practiced in the US. Slavery was legal and millions of slaves underwent hard labor throughout their lives. Then came the Emancipation Proclamation. Every slave was free to go and do whatever he pleased. But you know what, many of them stayed where they were, doing whatever they had been doing all their lives. They didn’t know anything else to do. They were getting three meals a day, a place to sleep and maybe a set of new clothes once every few years. And they didn’t want to lose that. Even after they got liberated from their slavery, they preferred to continue as slaves because they didn’t know any better. Isn’t that pathetic! Now that is slave mentality.

I hope you are beginning to see a parallel here. People in a job are literally enslaved to it because of their particular mindset. They wouldn’t want to break loose from that pattern. The security of knowing that a pay check awaits them at regular intervals makes them enslaved to this mode of earning money rather than other more financially sound methods. They relinquish their freedom for a false sense of temporary security.

The only way of escape from this situation is a complete renewal of the mind. Once the mindset changes, the lifestyle follows suit. “As a man thinketh, so is he”, the Bible says. You are what you think you are. Your mind has such an influence over you. And if you change your thoughts about yourself, then you can change who you are. Instead of letting your mind cripple you, you can use that very power to change you from the inside out.

Once the mindset changes, adaptability becomes much easier. The mind is able to think in new terms. Even with regard to methods of income generation, a renewed mind is what it takes to adapt to a new method of income generation such as a business, instead of a job. With an un-renewed mind, a transition from a job to a business lifestyle would be almost impossible. On the other hand, with a renewed mind a transition to business is almost unstoppable. Progress and growth become inevitable when the mind is renewed.

To renew one’s mind, what it needed is information. Precise, timely, up-to-date information. When the mind is confronted with irrefutable information, a gradual renewal of the mind commences. Over a period of time, this results in a marked change in attitude, disposition and lifestyle.

And that’s precisely the manner in which a person can be weaned away from a job and introduced to a business lifestyle. With precise, timely and up-to-date information on business principles and methods, a person can be guided into making the transition from depending on a job to running a business for a living.

Yes, you can quit your job and get wealthy. But it is not wise to do it in a rush. A slow and balanced approach is more advisable. A time frame of one year or 52 weeks is a realistic goal that you can set to make the transition from a job to a business lifestyle.

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