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Quality Not Quantity Matters in List Building

When it comes to getting leads for your list building and effectively keeping people joined up to your list, quality, not quantity is what counts. This matters in terms of the people on your mailing list, and also in the communication you send out to keep them there.

Quality Leads

It matters less about how many people are on your mailing list than which the names on your mailing list are likely to buy things from you. If they are not, what is the point in them being on your mailing list?

For that reason, your list building attempts should focus on long tail keyword phrases rather than general keywords. This will enable you to get targeted prospects that are looking for what you are selling. That means you are more likely to get a sale because you are giving them what they want.

Keeping your Subscribers

List building is not the be all and end all of making a success of your online business. It is just a means to an end. The end is to keep a 'captive audience' of subscribers who are interested in what your business does so that you can drip feed information to them over time and encourage them to buy from you. This is the way to build up the trust of your potential customers in you. Until they trust you, they will not give you their hard-earned money.

The key to creating an effective opt-in list is to provide your subscribers with quality information that will really help them. One of the best ways to do this is to provide them with a weekly, biweekly, or monthly e-zine. An e-zine is a newsletter or publication that is sent to subscribers who have chosen to receive your publication. You will learn more about this later in this book.

In order to build a database of potential customers and start collecting e-mail addresses, you'll first need to set up a mailing list. This mailing list must enable your visitors to submit their information and subscribe them to your list.


There are many free list building services that will enable you to set up a mailing list. However, they are not recommended. They will not allow you to personalize your messages with your subscribers' names and they require your visitor to reply to a confirmation message. That is where this book will help you!

There are many powerful ways to build your subscriber base. However, for this book, we will only focus on the "best" methods of list building.

Customers' Needs

The best marketing always focuses on the needs of a business' potential customers.

What do they need from you?

Why do they need your products or services?

What is going to inequality them buy to buy from you?

In list building, do not be trapped into purely marketing what your business does when you should be identifying the needs of your customers and working towards fulfilling those needs.

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