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Pros and Cons of Posting Messages on Social Networks

Since Twitter came online to boost the popularity of microblogging along with other social networks that already had “status update” forms of microblogging incorporated into their systems, the art of minute messages has taken cyberspace by storm. A danger with so many popular forms of communication becoming the favored method of contact is that users are often signed on to more than one, if not all of the available systems. Creating unique “what are you doing at the moment” type posts for each one is more time consuming than the principle behind quick updates mandates-and defeats the purpose. So in an effort to keep all of their lines of communication active many users cross-post messages on each of the platforms.

There are pros and cons to cross posting on various microblogs. The pro is that it does indeed save time and is likely to get the most coverage to all of the people in your network. The hope is that if your chosen platforms are, for instance, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook you will contact each of your followers even if they are only following you on one or two of your networks.

The biggest con to the method of cross posting on microblogs is that it most of your followers are also very likely to be following you on all of your platforms and those that aren’t are a very small percentage, so you are essentially spamming your followers repeatedly on several different systems. Add to that the tendency for followers to repeat the post to their followers on all of the same platforms, and whose followers are likely to be following the original poster as well, and cross posting on microblogs can create quite a system clogging effect.

Adding to the confusion and belief that cross microblogging is acceptable and even desired are the many programs popping up designed to automatically cross post you blogs on each of your networks with a single click of the mouse.

Those with messages and products to sell often use the microblogging system to instantly post links to websites, product pages, or ad copy and make use, both good and bad of cross posting to get the widest coverage. Because of the socially connected nature of microblogs and social networks this amounts to instant spamming when done indiscriminately. There are acceptable ways to promote services and products using microblogs, but if you want to avoid angering your followers, or having your account suspended cross posting should be avoided.

At the very least cross posting can leave your followers board. After all they are getting the same message from you on a variety of different networks. Spice it up a little and take a few minutes to create original content for each post even if it to promote the same product or service. Microblogging is short and sweet and each post shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to create.

If you aren’t promoting something then try posting unique messages to each network at different times so it isn’t as time consuming for yourself or as tedious for your friends.

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